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Saturday, January 29

The Coming Cataclysms - an Objective View

I observe that we Humans are essentially subjective beings who are attempting to see what surrounds us in an objective way. This is very difficult for most of us because it appears we are immersed in what can rightly be called a 'bubble of subjectivity' which we view the world from inside of, and this distorts and obscures the nature of the 'true' reality which actually exists.

At the Signs page for Halloween of last year I read an editorial written by Laura Knight Jadczyk who had this to say in part: (you may want to go read the entire article)

" We must regard the present state of the universe as the effect of its past and the cause of the future. Consider an intelligence which, at any instant, could have a knowledge of all forces controlling nature together with the momentary conditions of all the entities of which nature consists. If this intelligence were powerful enough to submit all this data to analysis it would be able to embrace in a single formula the movements of the largest bodies in the universe and those of the lightest atoms; for it, nothing would be uncertain; the future and the past would be equally present to its eyes. Pierre Laplace

Certainly, such an intelligence as Laplace describes would be "Godlike", you agree? And certainly, no one of us human beings is capable of such "seeing", you will also agree. However, what does seem to be true is that this is a significant clue to the solutions to the pressing issues of our day: knowledge that leads to awareness.

Here I will insert a major clue: As the brain interacts with its environment, synaptic circuits combine to form synaptic maps of the world perceived by the senses. These maps describe small segments of that world - shape, color, movement - and these maps are scattered throughout the brain. As the brain's synaptic network evolves, beginning at birth - or even before - these maps process information simultaneously and in parallel.

Based on our synaptic maps of the world, we are enabled to have a more or less objective view of reality."

I find the above VERY interesting!

I see that for most of us our view of the world is highly flawed! Think about all the 'junk' all of us have been subjected to for our entire lives. Our minds are similar to a computer in the way they process information, and the acronym GIGO (Garbage IN, Garbage Out) seems to apply just as well to us as it does to a computer.

As I see it, the main problem facing Humanity is that we have mainly been lied to at every turn regarding the true nature of our reality. Is there any reason that this has taken place? It may be that if we understood the actuality of our existence, we would not be so easily controlled and manipulated by those who use us for their own benefit.

I think most people have been so 'conditioned' by those who have been bamboozling them for a loooong time that they would have great difficulty shucking their current 'beliefs' about how reality works.

So I ask: would you recognize and believe the Truth if you even heard it?

How about some things that are more than likely true?

There are stories about ancient civilizations who possessed a technology based upon 'stones' which provided for the needs of the entire community. There are good indications that there exist 'hyperdimensional' realities where space and time can be manipulated for whatever purpose one wishes - both for the benefit of others and for nefarious purposes. There is good reason to think that 'Spiritual work' actually changes your DNA - and therefore the actual nature of your body. There are sources that mention an ancient conspiracy which has the intent to prevent us all from learning about the Great Cataclysms the Earth will soon be experiencing.

The lady I mentioned above, Laura Knight Jadczyk shares her over thirty years of research on these subjects, and more, so we may learn to read these signs for ourselves.

What signs are you referring to, you may ask?

If you do not see any signs at all, you are probably not looking, and even if you think you are, you are not seeing.

It appears to myself and many others that humanity is entering a momentous cycle of change, which is being accompanied by tremendous chaos and confusion, death and destruction. The lies we have been told are the result of the conspiracy to keep us all ignorant during this time of great changes. Facts of history have been suppressed and outright altered to support the illusory view of reality that most of us dwell in!

At this point, there is no longer any question as to whether deception occurs or not because it is certain to many of us that it has, and continues to this day. The great question 'now' is whether or not a sufficient number of human beings can see through the deceptions, which would create a 'counter-force' for positive change during these upcoming times of Macro-Cosmic Quantum Shift. This 'quantum shift' seems to involve a change in our awarenss and perception which offers an extraordinary opportunity for individual and collective renewal on a grand scale!

There seems to be a 'wave' sweeping over mankind which may make the recent tsunami look like a ripple in a pond by comparison. Maybe it is just the 'evolution' of consciousness? Maybe it is all a 'natural' process?

Do you see this as The Observor does?

If not, where are you looking? And, why not?

Sunday, January 23

Big Storms

Today the entire Northeast US is cleaning up after a serious Winter storm. Depending where one was in the region they got from about 6 inches to a couple of feet of snow. My locale was right about in the middle of this with about 14 to 18 inches. My back and various other assorted and sundry parts of my anatomy are fairly fatigued and tend to ache a generous amount from all the exertion in cleaning up after this 'dumping'.

This sort of got me thinking about 'storms' and other related phenomena.

There has been lots of discussion and plenty of speculation too about all the storms in the last couple of years which have caused major amounts of damage and death, not only in the US, but in many other parts of the world. What is interesting is that climatologists have for many years been under the assumption that 'ice ages' take a very long time to happen. Not only that, but it has been thought until relatively 'recent' times that ice-ages were initiated by a lowering of the Earth's average temperatures. It seems that it is much more likely that they are caused by 'global warming', which increases precipitation in some areas, lowers it in others and changes the way the global climate works. It also causes serious amounts of melting of ice-packs, glaciers and other semi-permanent features of the far Northern and Southern regions.

Here is something The Observor sees:

One of the effects of this might be the fairly rapid (certainly on a geological scale, and perhaps on the 'human scale too) accumulation of salt-free, or 'fresh' water in the polar regions due to the melting of all this ice. The major ocean currents, which transport heat from the tropics to the poles, such as the Humbolt Current and the Gulf Stream, depend on a difference of density between the warmer waters of the south and the cooler waters of the North. When the currents reach their remote 'terminus' in these Northern regions, they 'sink' to the bottom of the sea due to their greater density when they 'cool', and begin a generally Southward sojourn back to the Tropical regions in the great depths of the sea. This is like a 'conveyor belt' system powered by the heat absorbed by the water in the tropics, which re-distributes it over a wide area due to this mechanism. It is why England has always had a fairly mild climate, even though it is at a Latitude which would normally equate to a much colder climate.

People who study such things are very concerned about the tremendous build-up of fresh water in these polar regions, with good reason. Too much fresh water - and the mechanism for these currents shuts down! There are already some indications that this is beginning to happen.

Continued build-up of fresh water will probably cut off the mechanism entirely at some undetermined time in the future. 'When' is a very good question to ask. It might actually be fairly soon.

There seem to be other things changing of late too. Recently I was reading some things related to the Magnetic Field changes which seem to be not only decreasing, but decreasing at an accelerating rate. On a page of a site run by a researcher in these areas, Clifford Carnicom states that the standard estimate that it will take around 1,500 years to fully reverse is definitely optimistic, and that a more reasonable estimate of when the magnetic field would totally reverse, considering that the rate of change is not constant, but rapidly accelerating, would more likely be about 400 years.

But this theory of magnetic reversal only includes measurements taken here on Earth during the last 150 years which are the total records we have of the variance in the magnetic field, and all that can be inferred from this rather limited (in time) record. A study which includes the other planets and solar system area seems to indicate to some researchers that the reversal could happen in a matter of only several years, rather than centuries!

He also has info on this page and some others about the apparent large changes in the speed of the Earth's rotation as indicated by his own measurements, and what this could portend in the way of major Earth crustal realignments such as earthquakes - including the major ones which can cause tsunamis and other disastrous effects.

I see something else too. We appear to be experiencing a dramatic increase of meteorite strikes lately. Although this is not being well reported in the major news media, culling reports from many sources indicates we are being increasingly bombarded with space-objects. Reading an article which collects many of these events puts the problem somewhat into perspective.

Many things seem to not only be 'changing', but at an accelerated rate!

Could these things I see be some of the indications that we are actually in the 'End Times'?

Tuesday, January 18

Psychic Powers

Funny thing, I was going to write about something else today, but then the following happened which got me thinking in a new direction:

One of my daughters had been studying in the next room while I was doing some things in the kitchen. A bit later I noticed she had her head down on the book which was on the table in front of her. She almost appeared to be 'meditating', but was more likely just resting her eyes.

I notice all kinds of things like this because I am an observor.

While I was staring at her with a somewhat 'puzzled' expression on my face at this somewhat 'odd' occurrence, she suddenly looked right up at me with a rather 'sheepish' look about her.

I asked her "you felt me looking didn't you?" She said 'yes'.

It is obvious that traditional science has NO answers as to how these mechanisms actually work, and the few serious researchers and their hypotheses are uniformly ridiculed and marginalized by these same so-called 'scientists'. So why is it that 'Science', meaning the research which is mostly funded by large corporations and governments these days, not only does not seem willing at all to pursue such fundamental questions about our reality, but actively discourages it by denying any monies at all to this research direction, and even more disturbingly, pretty much 'blacklists' any serious researcher who tends in these 'forbidden' directions?

Is it possible that research into these things would of necessity open the door to a type of information which might become 'public knowledge' which they deem it vital to suppress?

Well, let's see... what types of things might research into the psychic/paranormal field actually incorporate into the public awareness?

Recent researches in the Physical Sciences, especially those in Quantum Physics, both experimental and theoretical/mathematical by some of the people in the forefront of these specialties have shown some startling relationships between 'consciousness' and 'matter'. Or another way to put it is between 'mind' and 'material substance. In fact, some have gone so far as to say that the 'material world', would likely not even exist if it were not for the fact that 'consciousness', at least on some level of awareness, had not 'thought' it into existence!

What was that... different 'levels'?

What is not generally known by the public is that the theoretical 'great' Albert Einstein when considering mathematical formuli which describe our current 'reality' agreed that there must be a fifth 'mathematical' dimension necessary, even if were only considered imaginary, and used to make the math consistent, and he even added to this the thought that even though it went totally against all of our intuitive awareness of 'reality', that we really ought to consider this fifth-dimension more than a simple 'mathematical-construct' for the sake of making equations work properly, and understand that even if it IS counterintuitive, it appeared to him that this is a REAL dimension!

This idea is what is usually called the 'hyperdimensional' aspect of reality.

Funny thing is that this 'modern, scientific' view of the reality we occupy corresponds fairly well with many of the traditional views of people even in 'ancient' times.

If these 'psychic' phenomena actually occur in/through a 'higher' dimension, the traditional 'only the matter we can see and nothing else exists' view of reality which our 'science' promulgates were to be questioned what might result? If some people were to thouroughly investigate these things and it became common 'public knowledge', it could be surmised why this research direction is discouraged. It might open the door to the common knowledge that we live in a Hyperdimensional Universe.

One of the people doing research in the area and considered one of the most knowledgeable in the field especially of the hyperdimensional aspect of reality is Arkadiusz Jadczyk, Ph.D, and his website has an awful lot of info.

Monday, January 17

A Friend

I met a lady I used to work with a few years ago. We only had a few minutes to speak before we had to go our separate ways. We don't really know each other very well, but she is aware from past interactions with me that I am an observor.

To put it mildly, she was in in a highly agitated state, and had been so for weeks, if not months. She is seeing for herself, I think, the terror of the situation we humans are all facing at this time. She explained to me that she really would like to get together with me for a talk or two, as she was basically at her wit's end! She has been crying an awful lot she said, and has been going to church every single day to 'pray' for some kind of help for the situation as she sees it. Of course, I could not possibly say "no" to someone who is truly asking, so I will do my best to assist in her time of need. I see this as part of the function of an observor.

What is it that I might even be able to do to 'help'?

It seems to me that the only thing possible to actually 'help' anyone is to share information with them which explains what is happening, both in the world around them, and within themselves.

Since I am an Observor, I not only observe things, but share whatever things I see with anyone who really, truly wishes to know what I see. One of the things I see is that Knowledge Protects and Ignorance Endangers!

Well, of course most people will agree with this in 'principle', but don't really give it much thought, and probably think it applies only in certain 'limited' situations. In my experience it applies to just about any situation or occurrence imaginable, and many we can not even imagine!

Before we get argumentative as to whether my opinion on this is correct or not, it would be well for me to explain what I think 'knowledge' really is. Firstly, it is NOT just 'data', because as anyone who is aware of how much we are bombarded with ideas, concepts and information which simply turns out to be untrue knows, we have to be very careful as to what we accept.

The most useful method I am aware of to separate what is 'true' from what is 'false' is by "Thinking with a Hammer". This is exactly what it sounds like, except you don't use a real hammer. The idea is to pummel and pound away at the 'data' using every faculty one has of their reasoning, logical mind, while searching for and utilizing every possible source of information which can be found on any subject which relates directly, or even indirectly, to this 'analysis'.

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn't it?

Yes, it often is. In fact, it usually IS a lot of work. But, it is something which must be done if one is going to be even reasonably sure that what they think is so is the most probable explanation of reality which can be found.

This method needs to also be accomplished while keeping in mind our personal experience, as WE are essentially the ones who live in this world, and to base any conclusions on someone else's say-so about anything means we are by-passing our own intellectual resources and trusting that someone else has done the requisite work and put in the effort to actually know what is true. This is the exact opposite of what is required, which is to trust in our own results of the work we have done to acquire this knowledge.

This doesn't always mean we can be absolutely certain that we are correct about things. Often things are confusing, there is not really enough factual data available to be totally sure that the answer we have come to is absolutely 'certain', but in the 'real world' we live in, we are required on a daily basis to make lots of choices, and we need to able to do so even if we do not have absolute proof of our conclusions. In this respect, we need to refrain from becoming 'emotionally-attached' to any ideas or concepts, because when and if additional or contradictory data should come along, we need to be ready to change our opinion about what is true very quickly, and if we are somehow 'stuck' in our thinking about things, we can not make any substantial progress or growth. This is what I see. Don't forget, I am an observor.

protects against every conceivable possibility I think.

Ignorance is very easy to see as dangerous. If one is not knowledgeable about electricity, they might be foolish enough to touch the high-voltage lead on their television picture tube if the set is not working properly and they are trying to fix it. This would be an experience which would almost certainly lead them to knowledge I think!

I will do my best to help my friend by explaining these things to her, and much else. Of course, it will be up to her as to what opinion she has about anything I may say, and this is as it should be. Only by her own diligent efforts can she learn what is true for herself.

This is only what The Observor sees.

Saturday, January 15

Observing Liars

First, let me just mention my function is merely to observe. It is not my function to judge. This is what it means to be an observor, which is simply to see.

Do you know anyone who 'lies'?
Maybe a better question would be do you know anyone who does not?

I have to say I'm a little depressed at the moment. I have observed today someone lying to thenselves - repeatedly and without even understanding this is so, and then blaming every result of these lies on other people, rather than accepting the responsibility for all that occured as a result of this self-lying behaviour. Oh, of course, this person is not the only one around who does this. Still, every time I observe this behaviour it depresses me a little more.

I'm not too sure which has the greatest import... lying to oneself or lying to others. Perhaps lying to oneself is damaging oneself, and being lied to and believing these lies is being damaged by another, but is mainly due to the ignorance and sloth of our weakened and diminished character being willing to accept these falsities.

Some may feel that 'damaging' is an altogether too strong a word to use for the effect such a falsity could have on the recipient of it. Somehow, I don't think so. It might even be insufficiently 'strong' to describe what may possibly result.

Oh, you think I am going too far with this idea? You feel you need some concrete evidence?

Let's take the current political situation and what has resulted from a few 'fibs' by the current administration.

I suppose I have to start somewhere with this, so I think I will begin with the events of 911 which appears to be a logical starting point in a chain of concret evidence to support my idea.

The mainstream media characterise the entire episode as being planned and executed by a small group of disgruntled 'Moslem' Arabs operating out of a primitive cave environment somewhere in the Middle East, which 'theory' originates from the 'administration'. This simplistic rendition seems to be useful only for inflaming the US populace into deep hatred of both Muslims and Arabs. It fails miserably when one actually reviews the facts regarding the entire incident in a comprehensive and objective manner. A good article regarding the most probable conclusion when interpreting these facts for oneself can be found at Cassiopaea/coup .

The result of this little 'fib' about the source of the attacks is that both Afghanistan and Iraq have been invaded with the result of many tens of thousands of innocent people being killed, many thousands more being maimed for life or severely injured, and property damage both public and private which has left, especially Iraq, nearly uninhabitable in some areas, but in dire straights in most others. The 'Coalition' forces have suffered around 15,000 casualties, with about 1,500 killed in Theatre, and many of the casualties are maimed cruelly for life. These are our own sons, and even daughters in today's military, who have volunteered to 'serve' their country to protect the 'freedom' which is at this very moment being stolen from those they suppose they are protecting! Even though Saddam was not ever considered on a par with Mahatma Ghandi, and was often fairly 'brutal', most Iraquis today would prefer that he were still in charge and the 'coalition' forces were not! From all objective accounts, it seems most of those coalition forces wish they were not there either!

Another result is that what little semblance of 'freedom' and 'constitutional rights' most of us assumed we possessed have been pretty much reduced to a situation akin to the ashes left over from last-nights campfire. The hysteria created by constant media bombardment of the phony messages of doom and destruction of our 'American way of life' at the hands of these imaginary all-powerful terrorists has reduced the populace to a whimpering bunch of children afraid to sleep without the lights on!

I see this because I am The Observor. I don't judge anyone or anything, merely observe.

Can you see this too? Are you a possible candidate to be an observor?

Or, would you rather just believe whatever you are being told?

SATURDAY, January 15, 2005

Maybe I should begin by saying what I am, or am not.

There are several meanings for observe, such as, for example, to observe a religious or secular holiday. That is not the type of 'observer' I seem to be.

I think I best fit into the description of one who is looking, one who sees things. This appears to be my lot in life. What is one to do when one can observe? Not only can, but is impelled to, can not help but do so, and can not even seem to want to stop? How does one even get to this state of being an observor, and is it even good for anything? It might sound like a silly question to some, and maybe it even is silly to some points of view. To some others maybe not. I suppose it depends on one's point of view.

Some might even categorize me as a 'seeker' of knowledge. This would very likely be correct, but I think it is actually insufficient because before one can 'find', one must be 'looking'. What seems to be rather strange is that to have a point of view which allows for effective Observation, one must already have acquired some real knowledge about things. This, in this day and age, in spite of the tremendous amount of knowledge available to all of us, appears to be very difficult for most people to gain. Maybe the reason for this is the huge amount of dis-information, mis-information and the deliberate 'disappearance' of the true facts? Could it be that this is why only The Observor, and those like him, can read between the lines?

It's really weird for me to find that so many other people do not do what I do. I haven't quite figured out all the reasons why they don't, but I am suspecting they just do not want to. Maybe they just don't care, or maybe if they could see what I see it would just scare the bejesus out of them! Or, maybe they just don't know that what they think they are seeing is not the 'real deal'?

More later...