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Saturday, January 15

Observing Liars

First, let me just mention my function is merely to observe. It is not my function to judge. This is what it means to be an observor, which is simply to see.

Do you know anyone who 'lies'?
Maybe a better question would be do you know anyone who does not?

I have to say I'm a little depressed at the moment. I have observed today someone lying to thenselves - repeatedly and without even understanding this is so, and then blaming every result of these lies on other people, rather than accepting the responsibility for all that occured as a result of this self-lying behaviour. Oh, of course, this person is not the only one around who does this. Still, every time I observe this behaviour it depresses me a little more.

I'm not too sure which has the greatest import... lying to oneself or lying to others. Perhaps lying to oneself is damaging oneself, and being lied to and believing these lies is being damaged by another, but is mainly due to the ignorance and sloth of our weakened and diminished character being willing to accept these falsities.

Some may feel that 'damaging' is an altogether too strong a word to use for the effect such a falsity could have on the recipient of it. Somehow, I don't think so. It might even be insufficiently 'strong' to describe what may possibly result.

Oh, you think I am going too far with this idea? You feel you need some concrete evidence?

Let's take the current political situation and what has resulted from a few 'fibs' by the current administration.

I suppose I have to start somewhere with this, so I think I will begin with the events of 911 which appears to be a logical starting point in a chain of concret evidence to support my idea.

The mainstream media characterise the entire episode as being planned and executed by a small group of disgruntled 'Moslem' Arabs operating out of a primitive cave environment somewhere in the Middle East, which 'theory' originates from the 'administration'. This simplistic rendition seems to be useful only for inflaming the US populace into deep hatred of both Muslims and Arabs. It fails miserably when one actually reviews the facts regarding the entire incident in a comprehensive and objective manner. A good article regarding the most probable conclusion when interpreting these facts for oneself can be found at Cassiopaea/coup .

The result of this little 'fib' about the source of the attacks is that both Afghanistan and Iraq have been invaded with the result of many tens of thousands of innocent people being killed, many thousands more being maimed for life or severely injured, and property damage both public and private which has left, especially Iraq, nearly uninhabitable in some areas, but in dire straights in most others. The 'Coalition' forces have suffered around 15,000 casualties, with about 1,500 killed in Theatre, and many of the casualties are maimed cruelly for life. These are our own sons, and even daughters in today's military, who have volunteered to 'serve' their country to protect the 'freedom' which is at this very moment being stolen from those they suppose they are protecting! Even though Saddam was not ever considered on a par with Mahatma Ghandi, and was often fairly 'brutal', most Iraquis today would prefer that he were still in charge and the 'coalition' forces were not! From all objective accounts, it seems most of those coalition forces wish they were not there either!

Another result is that what little semblance of 'freedom' and 'constitutional rights' most of us assumed we possessed have been pretty much reduced to a situation akin to the ashes left over from last-nights campfire. The hysteria created by constant media bombardment of the phony messages of doom and destruction of our 'American way of life' at the hands of these imaginary all-powerful terrorists has reduced the populace to a whimpering bunch of children afraid to sleep without the lights on!

I see this because I am The Observor. I don't judge anyone or anything, merely observe.

Can you see this too? Are you a possible candidate to be an observor?

Or, would you rather just believe whatever you are being told?


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