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Saturday, January 15

SATURDAY, January 15, 2005

Maybe I should begin by saying what I am, or am not.

There are several meanings for observe, such as, for example, to observe a religious or secular holiday. That is not the type of 'observer' I seem to be.

I think I best fit into the description of one who is looking, one who sees things. This appears to be my lot in life. What is one to do when one can observe? Not only can, but is impelled to, can not help but do so, and can not even seem to want to stop? How does one even get to this state of being an observor, and is it even good for anything? It might sound like a silly question to some, and maybe it even is silly to some points of view. To some others maybe not. I suppose it depends on one's point of view.

Some might even categorize me as a 'seeker' of knowledge. This would very likely be correct, but I think it is actually insufficient because before one can 'find', one must be 'looking'. What seems to be rather strange is that to have a point of view which allows for effective Observation, one must already have acquired some real knowledge about things. This, in this day and age, in spite of the tremendous amount of knowledge available to all of us, appears to be very difficult for most people to gain. Maybe the reason for this is the huge amount of dis-information, mis-information and the deliberate 'disappearance' of the true facts? Could it be that this is why only The Observor, and those like him, can read between the lines?

It's really weird for me to find that so many other people do not do what I do. I haven't quite figured out all the reasons why they don't, but I am suspecting they just do not want to. Maybe they just don't care, or maybe if they could see what I see it would just scare the bejesus out of them! Or, maybe they just don't know that what they think they are seeing is not the 'real deal'?

More later...


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