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Saturday, July 15

Israel confirms it is a Rogue State

And it has been ever since it's conception!

Bold and controversial statements usually demand substantial proof if they are to be believed.

I can agree with this and have personally observed cases in which proof was offered as to the validity of statments and cases where no such proof is submitted.

If one actually had the chutzpa (as the Jews would say it) to examine the history and the pre-history of the State of Israel, they would undoubtedly discover that it was machinations by the Zionist cabal which first collaborated with the Nazis to hand over those 'jews' which they did not find desirable to populate their proposed 'Israel' and assisted Hitler and his henchmen to round them up and do whatever was desired with them.

The second step was to get the League of Nations to legitimize the claim of the Zionists that the ancestral home of the Jewish peoples was indeed that part of the world which was currently occupied by Palestinians, and had been for centuries, but somehow, the Jews were 'entitled' to this land because some Jews (and not even the 'European Jews' who were now claiming they had some right to this land) had lived there millenia ago. It would take little effort in researching what then occurred since there are plenty of records available to begin to understand that the objective of these Zionists who controlled what next happened in Israel was to drive out with any means possible the original inhabitants of Palestine and have it all to themselves.

"Any means possible" means just that! Terrorism, murder, threats, brutality were many of the methods used to displace the original residents from their homes of centuries. And it has all continued to the present day.

If this were not enough evil to digest, there is more. The 'more' is that Israel desires not just the Palestinian lands which they have now almost completely displaced the original inhabitants from, but the entire Middle East.

Witness now the nearly unrestricted campaign against Lebanon and the wanton slaughter of the civilians there which is not any different than what they have been doing to the Palestinians for decades.

Of course, the lock-step permissivness of the US with the inane statement by Bush that "Israel has the right to 'defend' itself is nothing more than an affirmation that not only is the US Government almost completely 'run' by the Zionist (think Nazi as a synonym) State of Israel, but that the US itself has been a Rogue Nation itself for at least the last 50 years. If you don't want to think this is true, research how the US has been subjecting so many nations around the world to their 'rule' - which amounts to economic and political servitude to the giant corporations who make billions from this sort of thing.

Of course, one gets the impression from the news media that a 'terrorist' is some Palestinian kid who is so frustrated by the barbarism of the Israelis that he throws a rock at a tank! The REAL TERRORISTS are those who commit genocide and many other unspeakable crimes against humanity in their quest for conquest and other people's goods and territory. They bomb, starve, torture and rape any and all who stand in the way of their objectives!

This is the way I see it!