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Monday, February 28

Who Wrote the Bible?

Like many, I was brought up in a religious home. My parents were both devout Catholics. I see this as just being the workings of fate.

Thinking it would be of great benefit for me, they even sent me to a Catholic grade-school. Perhaps they figured the nuns and priests there could do an even better job of 'beating me into submission' than they could do themselves.

One of the things they always did at their Masses was to read selected excerpts from the Bible. They even had some very devout people come up to the pulpit sometimes to read these selected passages. I guess this was supposed to be some sort of honor, but to me it always seemed as if they wanted various 'common people' to do these readings so as to make it appear even moreso that this is all what the 'common man' should wholeheartedly and unhesitatingly 'believe'.

At some point I decided that since all these people kept insisting how important it was, being 'God's Word' and all, I would just go ahead and read it for myself instead of relying on some selected snippets. Mind you, this was the 'approved' version which was said to be 'totally correct and factual'.

As I read, and read, and read... I started to get the feeling that there might be something wrong with my powers of comprehension and understanding.

To begin with, the entire idea that the God which we were supposed to adore, venerate and 'worship' is a 'loving God' seemed to be an entirely different 'entity' from the concept of this God I was getting from reading the Bible for myself. I mean, what kind of a 'loving God' orders whole nations of peoples - men, women and babies, to be slaughtered - JUST BECAUSE they do not feel any need to 'worship' this particular version of 'God'? Unfortunately, I kept getting the feeling I was reading something that could have been written by Lenin or Stalin!

So, I began wondering, just where the heck did this book that so many 'swear to' as being Absolute Truth and the words of 'God' come from?

It appears many others have had the same questions, and not just 'recently' either.

One of the best explanations as to how the Bible came to be is one given by Laura Knight Jadczyk in her mini-series Who Wrote the Bible.

In chapter 1 of this series whe writes:
"The Bible is an Extraordinary Book: A book which claims infallibility; which aspires to absolute authority over mind and body; which demands unconditional surrender to all its pretensions upon penalty of eternal damnation, is an extraordinary book and should, therefore, be subjected to extraordinary tests.

But it isn't.

Neither Christian priests nor Jewish rabbis approve of applying to the bible the same tests by which other books are tried.


Because it will help the bible? It can not be that.

Because it might hurt the bible? We can think of no other reason.

The Truth is that The Bible is: A Collection of Writings of Unknown Date and Authorship Rendered into English From Supposed Copies of Supposed Originals Unfortunately Lost."

OK, to be honest, while I had my doubts as to the authenticity of what I was reading in the Bible as a youth, I didn't see anywhere near as well as I do at the present time. All I really had then were vague feelings that something was just not 'right'.

Also from the article -
"Recently, Richard Dawkins, author of the Blind Watchmaker, suggested that religion was a virus.

Dawkins argued that the widespread presence of religion —despite its lack of obvious benefits—suggests that it was not an evolutionary adaptation. [...] Society provides a breeding ground for the “virus” of religion by labeling children with the religion of their parents. Children, in turn, absorb these beliefs because they are conditioned to do so."

What I have Observed over the years is that few are capable, or even interested in, escaping the 'conditioning'!

And yet, most people will also swear that they "CAN NOT be HYPNOTIZED... so, don't even try!"!

Go figure!

Saturday, February 26

Ethnic - Specific Weapons

If there were not so many things for us to worry about already, one more thing to be concerned about would probably not be too much of an additional strain.

It appears that those who think they 'own' the world have a plan to eliminate about three quarters of the current world population. The reasons for this are not really that clear, and the one given most frequently seems to be that they see some sort of cataclysms on the near horizon, and they figure that things will be better for them if the population is that much smaller.

If it is true that there are some very powerful people and groups who have this agenda, one might begin to wonder just how they might think they could bring such an outcome to fruition. If one wants to unburden the world of approximately Four and One-Half BILLION people, it will quickly be seen that something really drastic would have to occur - either naturally, or artificially to 'eliminate' so many people!

First of all, it is easy to come to the conclusion they would NOT want to have themselves 'eliminated' in any way. Normally, all that needs be done in this regard is see to it that they, themselves, or their families do not get put into harm's way in any wars, and that they are the recipients of the very best health and medical treatment available.

Second, the most often thought of way to eliminate tremendous numbers of people quickly and efficiently would be by using lots of nuclear weaponry. That would not be a very good way of keeping oneself from harm, as these types of things could get out of control very quickly, and who knows where the next bomb would drop. Not to mention, of course, the massive amounts of radioactive debris which would be produced, making life very hazardous for any survivors of such a scenario.

Which brings us to the likeliest method of producing 'mass extinction' of those who are so unwanted by these people. What could be better than an artificially created disease which not only gets rid of a lot of people, but ONLY the ones you want eliminated?

I have been reading some about the many micro-biologists who have died in the last several years in what can only be described as 'highly suspicious' circumstances. I have some suspicions of my own that these were people who knew too much, or would be capable of spilling the beans about such research and probable results, and were also seen as the type who would value the lives of many, many people all over the world over the desires of those who would seek to eliminate them.

A good read about some of the groups who appear to be working on these sorts of projects can be found in this article "The Fifth Column" by Laura Knight Jadczyk.

Laura mentions in this article: "So, we have this strange problem in front of us: Ethnic Specific Weapons being developed by Israel as a continuation of a Nazi project designed to target Jews.

We have George Bush, grandson of a man who financially supported the Nazis, president of a country run by secret agencies that have been working on Rockefeller funded ideas of "Ethnic Cleansing" for the past 100 years, surrounding himself with Jews and Blacks in his cabinet and among his "friends." This Ethnic Cleansing has traditionally and ALWAYS targeted Jews and Blacks. The traditions of the Bush Family have always been to support the Nazi agenda. In fact, the ideas of ethnic cleansing taken up by the Nazis, began in America.

And yet, it is the Israelis who are working on these projects... And nobody seems to be concerned that if Israel is doing it, might they not develop one just for Europeans?"

Yep, just one more thing to worry about in the future.

Of course, I only Observe. It is not my work to Judge.

Friday, February 18

Economic Signs of the Times

Things never change... same old, same old.

That's what most people seem to think is the way the world works.

This idea is mostly an inaccurate way of seeing the world I think!
At least, this is what I observe.

If you were to call your stockbroker today, I'm sure he/she would say "There has never been a better time to invest". I wonder whether the broker is putting their money into the things they are promoting? If they are of the 'in group', I doubt that, and if they are not and are just 'savvy' they sure are not doing the investing they are probably promoting.

There is an excellent weekly review of the financial state of the US being done by Donald Hunt, and one can get a weekly update on the latest unbiased news about our economic situation by going to his blog called "Signs of the Economic Apocalypse".

It is rather sad that while people like Alan Greenspan, the head of the privately held corporation of major bankers - mistakenly called the 'Federal' Reserve, has stated that 'those who are in the know have already made the proper moves to secure their assets', the average person has little or no understanding that our financial system is on the verge of a major collapse. A top investment analyst at Morgan Stanley has also made the same kind of statements.

I spoke to an employee of a major investment house a few weeks ago who said that my idea about the economy 'going South' was ridiculous, as he had just been to a seminar given by some 'top economists' who assured him that the so-large to be unheard of trade-imbalances, the budget deficits, unemployment figures, job-outsourcing and a whole raft of other major problems with our economic outlook were "not significant factors in slowing the continuing growth of the economy and there were many very positive indicators to show that things were really going very well for all of us, like a big spurt in 'housing starts' and other significant indicators". He finished with "This economy can only continue to go up".

Yeah... just go back to sleep. Everthing is just FINE!

Wednesday, February 16

Mossad murders Rafik Al-Hariri?

While doing my daily scouring of the world's news for interesting tidbits, I came across an article which gives a fairly graphic view of a powerful entity engaged in a decades-long struggle for supremacy in it's region. The article is titled "Mossad Murders former Lebanese PM in Carbon Copy of 1979 Assassination"

The article mentions "three Mossad agents who could pass for Arabs crossed into Lebanon and entered the city. One rented a car. The second wired a series of bombs into it's chassis, roof and door panels".

Sometimes it is not very enjoyable to Observe things.

"The car was set to explode as Salameh passed. It did, blowing him to pieces!"

What is there that one can say about such things?

The only thing I can say is "I grieve!"

But, in Seeing reality as it actually is, I think it very important to see everything - the 'bad' along with the 'good'.

How else can we come to any understanding of the world we live in?

Tuesday, February 15

The 911 Disinfo Problem

What 'problem' you might say?

Certainly the average Joe six-pack does not see any problem at all. "The Gov't says the A-rabs snuck in an dese Mooslum hoodlums up an smooshed dere planes inta the Trade Towers" is more or less how they would describe the events of that day.

But, of course, there are quite a few others who feel that this trite explanation does not appear to hold water any more than a sieve does when attempting to explain how and why these attacks took place.

It is pretty certain that unless we can come to a reasoned understanding of that fateful day's events none of us will be able to put them into a context that gives us some hope of understanding what is taking place as a result of the carnage from that day.

There are quite a few 'alternative theories' about who the actual perpetrators were and what were their motives and the precise mechanisms as to how they went about doing the 'deed'. Some of them appear fairly plausible at first glance, but seem to fall apart with some closer inspection, and some just do not even seem to obey any of the laws of Physics in this reality as we know them. There are some, though, which appear to hold up fairly well IF you do not go 'deep' enough into understanding the way the world really works to come to a really 'reasonable' conclusion.

And, as any good investigator will remind us, the FIRST thing one needs to ask is "Who benefits from this the most?"

Keeping in mind that 'whatever' group is actually responsible for the attacks, it can most definitely be called a Conspiracy, as conspiracy is nothing more than a group of people who have the same purposes and intents to commit some particular action in concert.

Two of the people who have proposed their own theories regarding the incident of 911 are Mike Ruppert and Daniel Hopsinger. Not only do each have slightly differing ideas as to all of this, but they are slinging mud at each other and each accusing the other of being a 'disinfo agent'.

Now, you would think that one of them is probably telling the 'truth', and the other is attempting to actually disseminate 'disinfo', and that is most likely the purpose of the entire engagement between the two. It appears to be a win-win scenario for those who are doing their best to keep the public in the dark as to the real sources of the attack by keeping everyone focused on the question of which of these two is 'correct' - when it is fairly apparent they are both promoting dis-info - either consciously or unconsciously.

This is what I see.

I recently read a very good article describing this very same scenario titled "Ruppert and Hopsinger Coopting the 911 Truth Movement" by Joe Quinn. It is a fairly lengthy article, but gives really solid reasons why and how this is all being done.

Joe mentions in this article that whether he is aware of it or not, Mike's message tends to promote emotional rather than critical thought, and this thinking with emotions tends to make a problematic situation even worse than it was originally.

He also mentions that Hopsinger is rather suspect because he continues to insist that it had to be perpetrated by Saudi Arabia. A critical examination would show that to be very unlikely - to the point of even being ridiculous.

Suppose all this bickering about these two 'theories' is nothing more than a way of keeping most of us from considering who the 'real' perpetrators of the attacks really are?

Wednesday, February 9

HAARP and Chemtrails - more Signs?

For those who have not heard of these things, or have but do not know what is of any significance about them, I will briefly explain what they are.

HAARP is an acronym standing for High-Altitude Aurora Research Program. That in itself sound pretty tame, and actually rather boring, if that is all it is. The 'research' being done is that of having built a very large antenna-array near the North polar region and to use these antennas to beam huge amounts of electromagnetic energy into the ionosphere. It is ostensibly 'just' to study the ionosphere to gain more understanding of the processes which occur there. However, there are some who think there are other reasons for this device.

Chemtrails are what many refer to as a wide-spread, systematic and intentional spraying of chemicals of various sorts, possibly often mixed with biological components, for purposes unknown to most of us, and with only vague ideas as to the consequences of all this spraying. There are some theores that it is meant to structure the electrical characteristics of the Ionosphere, which is why it may be related the the activities of HAARP.

One of the biggest, and best-kept, secrets of the various major governments, or to be more accurate, the 'secret-government' behind all the rest of them, is that of 'aliens' and the interactions with these 'aliens' which has been going on for some time.

One would quite naturally thing that no secret could be kept from the public for so long a time as this one apparently has been, but then, we do not really have the resources that the people who wish to keep this information away from the public do. And too, there have been plenty of very reputable people who have reported all sorts of incidents, but the disinformation, misinformation and public ridicule surrounding the entire subject is enough to keep the majority of people thinking that this must all be something imaginary, or perhaps, the work of the 'Devil'. Many of these people have been warned their careers would be ruined if they spoke out about what they knew, and peoples lives and that of their families have been threatened. It is also very likely that some have been 'eliminated' because they would not 'shut up'.

In a certain way we humans might consider ourselves to be 'fenced in', just as cattle are restrained by the barbed wire on the fences which limit their movement.

I think it is not only possible, but very likely that there exist what we call extraterrestrial 'aliens' in many, many places in our Universe, and that some of them have science and technology which is sufficiently advanced for them to travel to other star-systems. I think that there is 'some' possibility we are, and have been, visited by some of these beings.

I also think that there are almost certainly 'higher Densities', or 'Dimensions' as many refer to them, in which beings of all sorts exist. It is not only likely that some of these beings have visited us in the 'past', but have been here for many thousands of years.

As we 'feed' on our cattle, is it possible that some of these 'higher-density' beings 'feed' on us?
Oh, not 'physically', but 'psychically'. That would sure explain a lot - including the 'need' for 'fences'!

If we are actually in the 'End Times', and it does appear from all indications we are, it doesn't necessarily mean the end of 'everything', but more likely the 'end' of one phase of existence and the 'beginning' of another phase for Mankind. This new cycle of our mode of existence may be the 'jump-up-' to a higher-level 'Density', for many or most of us.

Does anyone really have a better explanation for all this that the one I see?

Sunday, February 6

Cataclysms - Signs of The End Times?

Has anyone else noticed that people are driving more like maniacs every day? Sure, lots of people have been doing weird things on the streets for a long time, being inattentive, rude, and all those other traits of people who are just more interested in their own well-being and concerns than anyone else's. But that's not exactly what I mean.

It is as if these days many people are in a sort of frenzy and seem as if they can not at all control what it is they are doing. I observe that people are driving way too fast for conditions, and this is particularly evident at night on wet, or otherwise, slippery roads. There are many who are not using their turn signals and a fair amount zig-zagging in and out of lanes on the highways because they just 'have to' get to wherever they are going faster!

Maybe they are on drugs, which is possible, or maybe even they are all being subjected to 'mind control' frequencies broadcast to make them even 'crazier' than most already are. This is not only 'possible, but likely 'probable'.

Even those who are not 'religious' have certainly become aware of all the Biblical prophesies which enumerate the various plagues, calamities and other unfortunate events which are said to be forthcoming for humanity during what they refer to as the 'End Times'.

There are those of the 'Christian' fundamentalist crowd who not only 'believe' this is all going to take place as predicted, but are actively working to promote just such things as the wars in the Middle East, the ascendency of Israel and the building of a new Temple over there in Jerusalem, so as to at least hasten, if not bring about, the fulfillment of these prophesies.

Of course, it does not appear to me that it is actually a Christian way of doing things to cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands, or eventually even hundreds of millions, of people just so some of these people who imagine they are 'good' and 'holy' can continue to 'believe' they are going to go to some Heaven for doing all of this to others.

Some of these catastrophies and other Signs of the Times are already becoming part of our daily lives and intruding into the formerly placid and serene lives of people in many places.

It goes without saying that everyone on the planet who has any access to current affairs knows full well about the tsunami which has killed somewhere around 300,000 people at last count. How many are aware that there have been continued 'aftershocks' in the area on a scale that geologists are calling "unprecedented"? They are also appearing to propagate along a line which heads toward India in a 'sequential' way. It is also probably not general knowledge that the effects of such massive earthquakes appear to cause other regions to experience earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as a result of the tremendously forceful waves and vibrations which travel all around and through the Earth.

There are also many other possibilities for 'Earth changes' in the playbook.

There is a real chance that the Earth could actually change it's axis of rotation! This would certainly cause an unimaginable amount of chaos and destruction if this did take place. I know this sounds very implausible, but there does exist some evidence that it may have happened before, and not only does 'science' not know everything, some of the things 'scientists' tell us are not actually true. Yes, 'science' is just as manipulated as everything else in this world.

It is also very possible, and likely, that since we are actually living in a world composed of not only 'matter/energy', but which is energized and directed by Consciousness - without which the matter/energy part of the reality we experience probably would not even exist - since, there would be no 'purpose' for anything at all to exist if it were not for the fact that there needs be a 'classroom' for our 'lessons' to take place in as we 'grow' our consciousness.

If this is so, and it does appear to me that this is the way our 'reality' is actually 'constructed', it becomes apparent that our actions and even our 'thoughts' as 'conscious individuals' have effects upon the Earth - which is composed of Matter/Energy. So, it is very possible that 'we' ARE, at least in part, responsible for some of the 'Earth changes' which we see occurring around us, and this is probably at some 'non-conscious' level of our minds in what we think is our normal state of 'awareness' when we suppose we are 'awake'.

There are other Signs which many people seem not to be very aware of. There have been an awful lot of meteorites impacting the Earth in the last few years which have not really made it into the large media conglomerates, but have been reported by more 'local' news outlets. It would be well to remember that the Earth is really Huge, and there are undoubtedly a much larger number of these impacts occurring than are reported, as many are likely falling into unpopulated areas. Of course, again, those who are maintaining the manipulation and censorship of these things from the public surely know about these things taking place.

Just as when a big rainstorm is about to pour down on us, there is normally a short period when just a few small drops begin to come down here and there. Soon, however, the storm arrives, and it begins to really deluge on us. The same may be occurring with a large swarm of 'meteoric' objects, many or most of which might more accurately be called 'comets', as they were probably disturbed from their orbits in the Oort cloud by the solar system's 'Twin Sun', which some brave astronomers are telling us not only exists, but can have these types of effects - and more.

IF such a cometary 'swarm' exists, which appears very likely, it would account for many of the periodic catastrophies it seems to produce many of the times it's orbital path intersects the inner Solar System, including Earth of course, at about a 3,600 years interval for its orbit.

There is very convincing evidence that the 'Dark Ages' was caused by the impacts of a slew of cometary fragments into central Europe in about 560 AD. These flaming-hot impacts and their effluents essentially burned the forests and probably most of the habitations of the people living in these areas - along with many of the people, no doubt. It was most certainly a difficult task to merely survive after such an event, even if you were not snuffed out by this mega-catastrophy in the first place. It is fairly certain that it took 'civilization' a long time to recover in such areas too. However, this event may not have been, and probably was not, caused by the comet-swarm which is the one that has the afore-mentioned 3,600 year period.

Since it not only has apparently happened before, but at regular intervals which we can observe in the geological record and in some of the histories which have not been censored of this information over the years by those who would keep this information from the 'public', it is very likely that we are about to re-live the 'experience'! I see this as not only 'possible', but probable.

How much would you like to bet that pretty soon NASA is going to announce that they have determined there is 'life' on another planet - probably Mars? So far, it seems as if they have been dribbling it out, little by little, so as to make it appear that they had no idea at all, and it was just recently 'discovered'. Those who are more aware of NASA's many deceits than most of us are refer to this organization as 'Never a Straight Answer'! It is prabably more useful just to see NASA as just one more arm of the 'Control Mechanism' governing this planet than as an astronautical research organization.

Another of the Signs of the End Times is the increasing amount of control of the populace, especially in the US, but also in many other countries. Anyone who is paying any attention at all can easily see the clear indications that this is so. The 'excuse' for this is, of course, terrorism, especially by those of 'Moslem' and 'Middle Eastern' description. It appears much more likely, if one takes the time and effort to Observe the evidence, and does at least a minimum of 'critical-thinking' that this is merely a smoke screen being used to conceal the real reasons for the lock-down of the populations. It is MUCH more likely that those in power have access to information about what is 'coming down the pipe' in the future, and they have their hidey-holes already prepared for these events so they can hunker down in safety while the rest of us can do the best we can to fend for ourselves!

This is all pretty scary for many of us to think about, but suppose it really is true?

Tuesday, February 1