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Saturday, February 26

Ethnic - Specific Weapons

If there were not so many things for us to worry about already, one more thing to be concerned about would probably not be too much of an additional strain.

It appears that those who think they 'own' the world have a plan to eliminate about three quarters of the current world population. The reasons for this are not really that clear, and the one given most frequently seems to be that they see some sort of cataclysms on the near horizon, and they figure that things will be better for them if the population is that much smaller.

If it is true that there are some very powerful people and groups who have this agenda, one might begin to wonder just how they might think they could bring such an outcome to fruition. If one wants to unburden the world of approximately Four and One-Half BILLION people, it will quickly be seen that something really drastic would have to occur - either naturally, or artificially to 'eliminate' so many people!

First of all, it is easy to come to the conclusion they would NOT want to have themselves 'eliminated' in any way. Normally, all that needs be done in this regard is see to it that they, themselves, or their families do not get put into harm's way in any wars, and that they are the recipients of the very best health and medical treatment available.

Second, the most often thought of way to eliminate tremendous numbers of people quickly and efficiently would be by using lots of nuclear weaponry. That would not be a very good way of keeping oneself from harm, as these types of things could get out of control very quickly, and who knows where the next bomb would drop. Not to mention, of course, the massive amounts of radioactive debris which would be produced, making life very hazardous for any survivors of such a scenario.

Which brings us to the likeliest method of producing 'mass extinction' of those who are so unwanted by these people. What could be better than an artificially created disease which not only gets rid of a lot of people, but ONLY the ones you want eliminated?

I have been reading some about the many micro-biologists who have died in the last several years in what can only be described as 'highly suspicious' circumstances. I have some suspicions of my own that these were people who knew too much, or would be capable of spilling the beans about such research and probable results, and were also seen as the type who would value the lives of many, many people all over the world over the desires of those who would seek to eliminate them.

A good read about some of the groups who appear to be working on these sorts of projects can be found in this article "The Fifth Column" by Laura Knight Jadczyk.

Laura mentions in this article: "So, we have this strange problem in front of us: Ethnic Specific Weapons being developed by Israel as a continuation of a Nazi project designed to target Jews.

We have George Bush, grandson of a man who financially supported the Nazis, president of a country run by secret agencies that have been working on Rockefeller funded ideas of "Ethnic Cleansing" for the past 100 years, surrounding himself with Jews and Blacks in his cabinet and among his "friends." This Ethnic Cleansing has traditionally and ALWAYS targeted Jews and Blacks. The traditions of the Bush Family have always been to support the Nazi agenda. In fact, the ideas of ethnic cleansing taken up by the Nazis, began in America.

And yet, it is the Israelis who are working on these projects... And nobody seems to be concerned that if Israel is doing it, might they not develop one just for Europeans?"

Yep, just one more thing to worry about in the future.

Of course, I only Observe. It is not my work to Judge.


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