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Monday, January 17

A Friend

I met a lady I used to work with a few years ago. We only had a few minutes to speak before we had to go our separate ways. We don't really know each other very well, but she is aware from past interactions with me that I am an observor.

To put it mildly, she was in in a highly agitated state, and had been so for weeks, if not months. She is seeing for herself, I think, the terror of the situation we humans are all facing at this time. She explained to me that she really would like to get together with me for a talk or two, as she was basically at her wit's end! She has been crying an awful lot she said, and has been going to church every single day to 'pray' for some kind of help for the situation as she sees it. Of course, I could not possibly say "no" to someone who is truly asking, so I will do my best to assist in her time of need. I see this as part of the function of an observor.

What is it that I might even be able to do to 'help'?

It seems to me that the only thing possible to actually 'help' anyone is to share information with them which explains what is happening, both in the world around them, and within themselves.

Since I am an Observor, I not only observe things, but share whatever things I see with anyone who really, truly wishes to know what I see. One of the things I see is that Knowledge Protects and Ignorance Endangers!

Well, of course most people will agree with this in 'principle', but don't really give it much thought, and probably think it applies only in certain 'limited' situations. In my experience it applies to just about any situation or occurrence imaginable, and many we can not even imagine!

Before we get argumentative as to whether my opinion on this is correct or not, it would be well for me to explain what I think 'knowledge' really is. Firstly, it is NOT just 'data', because as anyone who is aware of how much we are bombarded with ideas, concepts and information which simply turns out to be untrue knows, we have to be very careful as to what we accept.

The most useful method I am aware of to separate what is 'true' from what is 'false' is by "Thinking with a Hammer". This is exactly what it sounds like, except you don't use a real hammer. The idea is to pummel and pound away at the 'data' using every faculty one has of their reasoning, logical mind, while searching for and utilizing every possible source of information which can be found on any subject which relates directly, or even indirectly, to this 'analysis'.

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn't it?

Yes, it often is. In fact, it usually IS a lot of work. But, it is something which must be done if one is going to be even reasonably sure that what they think is so is the most probable explanation of reality which can be found.

This method needs to also be accomplished while keeping in mind our personal experience, as WE are essentially the ones who live in this world, and to base any conclusions on someone else's say-so about anything means we are by-passing our own intellectual resources and trusting that someone else has done the requisite work and put in the effort to actually know what is true. This is the exact opposite of what is required, which is to trust in our own results of the work we have done to acquire this knowledge.

This doesn't always mean we can be absolutely certain that we are correct about things. Often things are confusing, there is not really enough factual data available to be totally sure that the answer we have come to is absolutely 'certain', but in the 'real world' we live in, we are required on a daily basis to make lots of choices, and we need to able to do so even if we do not have absolute proof of our conclusions. In this respect, we need to refrain from becoming 'emotionally-attached' to any ideas or concepts, because when and if additional or contradictory data should come along, we need to be ready to change our opinion about what is true very quickly, and if we are somehow 'stuck' in our thinking about things, we can not make any substantial progress or growth. This is what I see. Don't forget, I am an observor.

protects against every conceivable possibility I think.

Ignorance is very easy to see as dangerous. If one is not knowledgeable about electricity, they might be foolish enough to touch the high-voltage lead on their television picture tube if the set is not working properly and they are trying to fix it. This would be an experience which would almost certainly lead them to knowledge I think!

I will do my best to help my friend by explaining these things to her, and much else. Of course, it will be up to her as to what opinion she has about anything I may say, and this is as it should be. Only by her own diligent efforts can she learn what is true for herself.

This is only what The Observor sees.


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Nice start dude ;-)

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