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Wednesday, February 9

HAARP and Chemtrails - more Signs?

For those who have not heard of these things, or have but do not know what is of any significance about them, I will briefly explain what they are.

HAARP is an acronym standing for High-Altitude Aurora Research Program. That in itself sound pretty tame, and actually rather boring, if that is all it is. The 'research' being done is that of having built a very large antenna-array near the North polar region and to use these antennas to beam huge amounts of electromagnetic energy into the ionosphere. It is ostensibly 'just' to study the ionosphere to gain more understanding of the processes which occur there. However, there are some who think there are other reasons for this device.

Chemtrails are what many refer to as a wide-spread, systematic and intentional spraying of chemicals of various sorts, possibly often mixed with biological components, for purposes unknown to most of us, and with only vague ideas as to the consequences of all this spraying. There are some theores that it is meant to structure the electrical characteristics of the Ionosphere, which is why it may be related the the activities of HAARP.

One of the biggest, and best-kept, secrets of the various major governments, or to be more accurate, the 'secret-government' behind all the rest of them, is that of 'aliens' and the interactions with these 'aliens' which has been going on for some time.

One would quite naturally thing that no secret could be kept from the public for so long a time as this one apparently has been, but then, we do not really have the resources that the people who wish to keep this information away from the public do. And too, there have been plenty of very reputable people who have reported all sorts of incidents, but the disinformation, misinformation and public ridicule surrounding the entire subject is enough to keep the majority of people thinking that this must all be something imaginary, or perhaps, the work of the 'Devil'. Many of these people have been warned their careers would be ruined if they spoke out about what they knew, and peoples lives and that of their families have been threatened. It is also very likely that some have been 'eliminated' because they would not 'shut up'.

In a certain way we humans might consider ourselves to be 'fenced in', just as cattle are restrained by the barbed wire on the fences which limit their movement.

I think it is not only possible, but very likely that there exist what we call extraterrestrial 'aliens' in many, many places in our Universe, and that some of them have science and technology which is sufficiently advanced for them to travel to other star-systems. I think that there is 'some' possibility we are, and have been, visited by some of these beings.

I also think that there are almost certainly 'higher Densities', or 'Dimensions' as many refer to them, in which beings of all sorts exist. It is not only likely that some of these beings have visited us in the 'past', but have been here for many thousands of years.

As we 'feed' on our cattle, is it possible that some of these 'higher-density' beings 'feed' on us?
Oh, not 'physically', but 'psychically'. That would sure explain a lot - including the 'need' for 'fences'!

If we are actually in the 'End Times', and it does appear from all indications we are, it doesn't necessarily mean the end of 'everything', but more likely the 'end' of one phase of existence and the 'beginning' of another phase for Mankind. This new cycle of our mode of existence may be the 'jump-up-' to a higher-level 'Density', for many or most of us.

Does anyone really have a better explanation for all this that the one I see?


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