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Sunday, February 6

Cataclysms - Signs of The End Times?

Has anyone else noticed that people are driving more like maniacs every day? Sure, lots of people have been doing weird things on the streets for a long time, being inattentive, rude, and all those other traits of people who are just more interested in their own well-being and concerns than anyone else's. But that's not exactly what I mean.

It is as if these days many people are in a sort of frenzy and seem as if they can not at all control what it is they are doing. I observe that people are driving way too fast for conditions, and this is particularly evident at night on wet, or otherwise, slippery roads. There are many who are not using their turn signals and a fair amount zig-zagging in and out of lanes on the highways because they just 'have to' get to wherever they are going faster!

Maybe they are on drugs, which is possible, or maybe even they are all being subjected to 'mind control' frequencies broadcast to make them even 'crazier' than most already are. This is not only 'possible, but likely 'probable'.

Even those who are not 'religious' have certainly become aware of all the Biblical prophesies which enumerate the various plagues, calamities and other unfortunate events which are said to be forthcoming for humanity during what they refer to as the 'End Times'.

There are those of the 'Christian' fundamentalist crowd who not only 'believe' this is all going to take place as predicted, but are actively working to promote just such things as the wars in the Middle East, the ascendency of Israel and the building of a new Temple over there in Jerusalem, so as to at least hasten, if not bring about, the fulfillment of these prophesies.

Of course, it does not appear to me that it is actually a Christian way of doing things to cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands, or eventually even hundreds of millions, of people just so some of these people who imagine they are 'good' and 'holy' can continue to 'believe' they are going to go to some Heaven for doing all of this to others.

Some of these catastrophies and other Signs of the Times are already becoming part of our daily lives and intruding into the formerly placid and serene lives of people in many places.

It goes without saying that everyone on the planet who has any access to current affairs knows full well about the tsunami which has killed somewhere around 300,000 people at last count. How many are aware that there have been continued 'aftershocks' in the area on a scale that geologists are calling "unprecedented"? They are also appearing to propagate along a line which heads toward India in a 'sequential' way. It is also probably not general knowledge that the effects of such massive earthquakes appear to cause other regions to experience earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as a result of the tremendously forceful waves and vibrations which travel all around and through the Earth.

There are also many other possibilities for 'Earth changes' in the playbook.

There is a real chance that the Earth could actually change it's axis of rotation! This would certainly cause an unimaginable amount of chaos and destruction if this did take place. I know this sounds very implausible, but there does exist some evidence that it may have happened before, and not only does 'science' not know everything, some of the things 'scientists' tell us are not actually true. Yes, 'science' is just as manipulated as everything else in this world.

It is also very possible, and likely, that since we are actually living in a world composed of not only 'matter/energy', but which is energized and directed by Consciousness - without which the matter/energy part of the reality we experience probably would not even exist - since, there would be no 'purpose' for anything at all to exist if it were not for the fact that there needs be a 'classroom' for our 'lessons' to take place in as we 'grow' our consciousness.

If this is so, and it does appear to me that this is the way our 'reality' is actually 'constructed', it becomes apparent that our actions and even our 'thoughts' as 'conscious individuals' have effects upon the Earth - which is composed of Matter/Energy. So, it is very possible that 'we' ARE, at least in part, responsible for some of the 'Earth changes' which we see occurring around us, and this is probably at some 'non-conscious' level of our minds in what we think is our normal state of 'awareness' when we suppose we are 'awake'.

There are other Signs which many people seem not to be very aware of. There have been an awful lot of meteorites impacting the Earth in the last few years which have not really made it into the large media conglomerates, but have been reported by more 'local' news outlets. It would be well to remember that the Earth is really Huge, and there are undoubtedly a much larger number of these impacts occurring than are reported, as many are likely falling into unpopulated areas. Of course, again, those who are maintaining the manipulation and censorship of these things from the public surely know about these things taking place.

Just as when a big rainstorm is about to pour down on us, there is normally a short period when just a few small drops begin to come down here and there. Soon, however, the storm arrives, and it begins to really deluge on us. The same may be occurring with a large swarm of 'meteoric' objects, many or most of which might more accurately be called 'comets', as they were probably disturbed from their orbits in the Oort cloud by the solar system's 'Twin Sun', which some brave astronomers are telling us not only exists, but can have these types of effects - and more.

IF such a cometary 'swarm' exists, which appears very likely, it would account for many of the periodic catastrophies it seems to produce many of the times it's orbital path intersects the inner Solar System, including Earth of course, at about a 3,600 years interval for its orbit.

There is very convincing evidence that the 'Dark Ages' was caused by the impacts of a slew of cometary fragments into central Europe in about 560 AD. These flaming-hot impacts and their effluents essentially burned the forests and probably most of the habitations of the people living in these areas - along with many of the people, no doubt. It was most certainly a difficult task to merely survive after such an event, even if you were not snuffed out by this mega-catastrophy in the first place. It is fairly certain that it took 'civilization' a long time to recover in such areas too. However, this event may not have been, and probably was not, caused by the comet-swarm which is the one that has the afore-mentioned 3,600 year period.

Since it not only has apparently happened before, but at regular intervals which we can observe in the geological record and in some of the histories which have not been censored of this information over the years by those who would keep this information from the 'public', it is very likely that we are about to re-live the 'experience'! I see this as not only 'possible', but probable.

How much would you like to bet that pretty soon NASA is going to announce that they have determined there is 'life' on another planet - probably Mars? So far, it seems as if they have been dribbling it out, little by little, so as to make it appear that they had no idea at all, and it was just recently 'discovered'. Those who are more aware of NASA's many deceits than most of us are refer to this organization as 'Never a Straight Answer'! It is prabably more useful just to see NASA as just one more arm of the 'Control Mechanism' governing this planet than as an astronautical research organization.

Another of the Signs of the End Times is the increasing amount of control of the populace, especially in the US, but also in many other countries. Anyone who is paying any attention at all can easily see the clear indications that this is so. The 'excuse' for this is, of course, terrorism, especially by those of 'Moslem' and 'Middle Eastern' description. It appears much more likely, if one takes the time and effort to Observe the evidence, and does at least a minimum of 'critical-thinking' that this is merely a smoke screen being used to conceal the real reasons for the lock-down of the populations. It is MUCH more likely that those in power have access to information about what is 'coming down the pipe' in the future, and they have their hidey-holes already prepared for these events so they can hunker down in safety while the rest of us can do the best we can to fend for ourselves!

This is all pretty scary for many of us to think about, but suppose it really is true?


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