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Tuesday, January 18

Psychic Powers

Funny thing, I was going to write about something else today, but then the following happened which got me thinking in a new direction:

One of my daughters had been studying in the next room while I was doing some things in the kitchen. A bit later I noticed she had her head down on the book which was on the table in front of her. She almost appeared to be 'meditating', but was more likely just resting her eyes.

I notice all kinds of things like this because I am an observor.

While I was staring at her with a somewhat 'puzzled' expression on my face at this somewhat 'odd' occurrence, she suddenly looked right up at me with a rather 'sheepish' look about her.

I asked her "you felt me looking didn't you?" She said 'yes'.

It is obvious that traditional science has NO answers as to how these mechanisms actually work, and the few serious researchers and their hypotheses are uniformly ridiculed and marginalized by these same so-called 'scientists'. So why is it that 'Science', meaning the research which is mostly funded by large corporations and governments these days, not only does not seem willing at all to pursue such fundamental questions about our reality, but actively discourages it by denying any monies at all to this research direction, and even more disturbingly, pretty much 'blacklists' any serious researcher who tends in these 'forbidden' directions?

Is it possible that research into these things would of necessity open the door to a type of information which might become 'public knowledge' which they deem it vital to suppress?

Well, let's see... what types of things might research into the psychic/paranormal field actually incorporate into the public awareness?

Recent researches in the Physical Sciences, especially those in Quantum Physics, both experimental and theoretical/mathematical by some of the people in the forefront of these specialties have shown some startling relationships between 'consciousness' and 'matter'. Or another way to put it is between 'mind' and 'material substance. In fact, some have gone so far as to say that the 'material world', would likely not even exist if it were not for the fact that 'consciousness', at least on some level of awareness, had not 'thought' it into existence!

What was that... different 'levels'?

What is not generally known by the public is that the theoretical 'great' Albert Einstein when considering mathematical formuli which describe our current 'reality' agreed that there must be a fifth 'mathematical' dimension necessary, even if were only considered imaginary, and used to make the math consistent, and he even added to this the thought that even though it went totally against all of our intuitive awareness of 'reality', that we really ought to consider this fifth-dimension more than a simple 'mathematical-construct' for the sake of making equations work properly, and understand that even if it IS counterintuitive, it appeared to him that this is a REAL dimension!

This idea is what is usually called the 'hyperdimensional' aspect of reality.

Funny thing is that this 'modern, scientific' view of the reality we occupy corresponds fairly well with many of the traditional views of people even in 'ancient' times.

If these 'psychic' phenomena actually occur in/through a 'higher' dimension, the traditional 'only the matter we can see and nothing else exists' view of reality which our 'science' promulgates were to be questioned what might result? If some people were to thouroughly investigate these things and it became common 'public knowledge', it could be surmised why this research direction is discouraged. It might open the door to the common knowledge that we live in a Hyperdimensional Universe.

One of the people doing research in the area and considered one of the most knowledgeable in the field especially of the hyperdimensional aspect of reality is Arkadiusz Jadczyk, Ph.D, and his website has an awful lot of info.


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