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Wednesday, July 27


Went to the beach with a friend today. Although a competent enough swimmer, she had not been in the ocean in many years. There was a fair amount of wave-action, and although not all that big, they all have quite a bit of power when they break at the shoreline.

Well, of course, she got hit from behind a few times by waves she did not see coming and got tumbled up onto the beach! The main reason she didn't see the waves coming was that she was not watching for them.

This brings up the subject of 'seeing' in general.

What is really referred to when somone is described as a 'seer'?

The most common perception of what this is would be someone who has the capability of having knowledge of events in the future or past, or at some far distant location. This, of course, would be a pretty useful faculty, and perhaps there even are some who can do this. Another interpretation might be that of someone who can 'see' things that are normally considered 'invisible' in our extant world. These would be things like spirits, entities and even entire 'realities' which are not normally apparent to most of us.

Actually, a Seer is one who can see 'what is'!

This may sound really simplistic, but it is probably the most accurate description which could be given.

It may appear simplistic because most people 'believe' they can do this already

In very rare cases this may be true, but for the most part it is simply a fantasy - part of the illusory world in which most humans live. The sad fact is that one can NOT see much of anything clearly if they are living in a world where much of what they think is 'true' is really not.

There are loads of 'basic assumptions' and 'premises' which most people have which are not only not 'true', but are even in many cases specifically designed to lead one away from what is. It appears to me that the mind of we humans works along the same principles as a computer, at least to the extent that the GIGO (Garbage in = Garbage Out) Principle applies to both! Until and unless one is willing and able to root out these basic assumptions which have been installed in our minds, nothing much will be able to be made from the events and circumstances we find ourselves amongst. The effect of all these things upon us is to twist and distort all the inputs we receive from reality and thereby nullify and preclude any rational, unbiased and objective analyses of what is really happening. One way of referring to all these illusory beliefs is that of Sacred Cows. This really means we hold them so dearly that they can not ever be 'examined' to see if they are actually correct or not.

One example of this sort of thing is readily apparent to anyone who looks at the subject in any depth. This glaring example is that of Egyptian Archaeology.

The basis, or starting point, for all the archaeological work done there has mainly been the 'Bible'. Those who believe it is all 'true' (mostly because it says so, and because it maintains it is the "Word of God, Himself") decided that they just had to fit the artifacts to the 'narrative'. It has, of course, turned into a real fiasco because of this and much of what the mainstream of Egyptian Archaeology has to say about Ancient Egypt is simply not so.

A specific example: the age of the Sphinx when examined in great detail by geological specialists has been shown to be at least 10,00 years old and probably even older by several thousand years, but the Egyptologists maintain it is much younger... this despite unequivocal evidence to the contrary! (and of course there are loads and loads more of these same kinds of foolishness)

Ah, 'beliefs' die hard, don't they?

These beliefs are what maintain most people's 'world view', and most likely have been promulgated and disseminated for the VERY PURPOSE of creating and maintaining this 'world view' amongst the populace.

Why would 'they' do this?

Well, for one thing, if the Truth were to be known, the populace would be much less controllable, and 'they' just can not have THAT!

Unfortunately, it seems one must learn to 'see' for themselves before many things which are in 'plain sight' are actually 'observable'.

How does one go about doing that? Well there are books available online from the well-known Esoteric Authors such as Gurdjieff and Mouravieff, and a quick search will locate them easily. Most of their works are available in public libraries, and many of their books are even available as free downloads from the internet. They can be of great assistance in overcoming many of the difficulties most of us have in this respect because of our 'inherent nature'.

One of the very best places one can go to in this quest for learning to see for themselves is the Cassiopaea website, where a really huge amount of material is available for free to anyone who is seeking this type of information.

I will warn you in advance, though, that this venture will most likely be the most difficult thing you have ever undertaken in your life! But, it could also be the most rewarding thing you can ever do!

Perhaps one day you too will truly be able to say "I am a seer".

Wednesday, July 20

Driving us toward Extinction

The following article is copied from where I found it at Signs of the Times and is by John Kaminski, a many who is doing his best to find out what is going on around him and to then communicate these things learned to others who also wish to know.

'Seeing what is'' is relatively simple, but actually requires an awful lot of 'work' on the self. This is because we are all burdened with all sorts of 'Sacred Cows' as the people over at Cass put it, which grossly distorts our ability to come to rational analases regarding what is really happening around us, and especially how 'we' ourselves are constituted as individual 'consciousness units'.

Ridding ourselves of all these 'Sacred Cows' which would allow for us to see things as they really are can be, and often is, one of the most difficult, mind-wrenching and painful occupations we can ever undertake! If one is ever to 'see clearly', however, this must be done!

The article: (note: it is pretty long but well worth one's time)

Recipe for extinction

Criminal governments, corrupt media, comatose public: the perfect combination to permanently eradicate the human species
By John Kaminski

I have a recurring dream. I am on an airplane, sitting in a window seat, gazing contentedly out the window at the tops of puffy clouds and microscopic towns far below, gabbing amiably with the passenger next to me. Soon it becomes apparent that we disagree about our scheduled destination. He insists it's L.A.; I say New York.

As I begin to stir in my seat to get up to ask a flight attendant to settle our dispute, we notice the busy stewardesses are conducting an odd exercise. With polite smiles, they are choosing random passengers one by one, and escorting them to the emergency escape hatch. First a boy clutching his skateboard, then a middle-aged woman in a black business suit, then a soccer mom grasping the small hand of her toddler, all willingly step out into thin air as their guides bid them a cordial farewell.

Incredulous, I lurch to the far window and witness a Mary Poppins-like trail of passengers plummeting toward the ground. Panicked, I turn back to my seatmate, and he returns my look of horror with an empty-headed, nothing-is-wrong smile. Apoplectic, I race feverishly toward the cockpit, wrench open the cabin door, and discover there is no one inside. The pilots' seats are empty.

Astonished, I whirl around and find myself face-to-face with a mannequin stewardess. "Don't you just love autopilot?" she mutters dreamily. "You know, you just have to have faith. Here, let me show you the door to your future."


How much longer, I wonder constantly, will seemingly sensible and honest people continue to put up with this perverted political passion play now besieging the world that is so obviously detrimental to the needs of average people, even willfully destructive of those needs?

The dire predictions of so-called conspiracy theorists are all coming true: senseless wars are being created with transparent lies for the profits of a select few; the populace is infected with obvious poisons from both the medical profession and the food industry who because of recently passed laws are immune from legal action by the victims of these cruel concoctions; and our money is being steadily stolen by inbred elitist bankers who use accounting sleight-of-hand to funnel currency to that same small segment of the population who all seem to be immune from laws that guarantee poverty for the rest of us.

Maybe worst of all is the fantasy world created by our commercial mass media, which prohibit any discussion of human values relative to honest government and exacerbate our problems with so-called entertainment dominated by nihilistic and pornographically self-destructive scripts.

What kind of spineless, braindead cretins would tolerate such a blatant conspiracy?

Well, the American people, to name one group, but also most of the people on the planet, who every day choose to trade their hard-won emotional securities and family ties for mindless mechanized titillation, and then cower in their powerlessness because they are all so dependent on a technological system that encourages addiction to mindless consumerism.

Most of us are hypnotized by fashionable capitalistic shills who castigate natural self-reliance as antisocial selfishness. We have all been victimized by the alluring softness of high-tech trinkets that sever our contact with the life-giving land and more and more solidify our isolation while causing us to forsake our healthy dependence on those we are inclined to love.

How come so few people realize that nobody is free, that everybody is owned by banks? Nobody owns their homes, their cars; even their educations and careers are in significant hock to the banks. You regard your marriage, for those of you who still have one of those, as inauthentic without the sanction of the state. Even your children are not your property; they must be given poisonous vaccinations at birth or public health fascists will take them from you and claim you are unfit parents. This is law in a world made mad and turned upside down.

Isn't it strange so few Americans have objected to the new, out-front use of torture on people who have never even been tried in a court of law - never mind convicted - especially when underground reports of those taken prisoner and persecuted at Guantanamo reveal them not as terrorists but as hapless victims abducted to lend apparent authenticity to a minor detail of Washington's contrived terror fantasies?

Why has nobody figured out that our government is not protecting us from terrorists? Our government creates terrorists so we will in sheer insecure panic support the criminal cabal that is ravaging the world with senseless mass murder, enabling it to keep us in a stirred-up state of dependent fear because that allows it to better control and regiment us into prescripted cadres of servile dupes. This is not freedom, this is slavery - terrorized, manipulated slavery to the banks - and it is what we face with increasing insecurity every single day.

Why do we put up with it? Why don't we see through the ruse? Especially since our lives depend on seeing through it.


Right after the recent bombings in London, I was so impressed by the size of the web chorus immediately pointing out that the deed was a deception, and that four innocent Islamic chaps from Leeds had apparently been set up to take the fall as the culprits for this latest public atrocity from the power elite. These reports dutifully noted that all the suspicious characters, from Rudy Giuliani to Benjamin Netanyahu, were conveniently in place to spin the traditional public myth, just like after 9/11.

I thought, each time the The Big Lie becomes a little bit clearer, the human future gets a little bit brighter.

But the power of big media is monstrous, and just as with 9/11 and the Iraq war, what is on the lips of people in the street is far different from what is on the minds of intelligent commentators in cyberspace.

First it was my neighbor. "Those freaking ragheads. We oughtta just go over there and bomb them all to bits." Taken aback, I retorted, "We've already been doing that for years." But he would not be placated, or reasoned with. "Nuke 'em. Nuke 'em all," he barked, and stormed off.

Things were no better with my family. "Why do THOSE PEOPLE keep doing these things to us?" several wondered, interrupting their trains of thought from the preparation of a family feast, with no recognition of the continuing American atrocities all over the world. "Oh? Which people are that?" I countered casually, but they didn't answer.

Then came the TV blasts of Muslim-this and Arab-that, the prediction by Bush-shill Joseph Farah that al-Qaeda would strike soon in the U.S.

But lost amid all the mawkish mourning of the London tragedy was the excellent story about what al-Qaeda truly was - a CIA database that the war machine's spin doctors had long ago morphed into the reincarnation of Dracula's vampires - that was posted on the Conspiracy Planet website which I read at (another cool website) that had been sent to me by some friendly Dalits in India (love those Dalits, but the rest of the Indians seem as ugly as Americans and Israelis put together).

And speaking of great webfriends, Lilia Firefly, well-known West Coast tawo seed carrier (Google it), sent me a very telling story that aptly signified the danger of careening from atrocity to atrocity without stopping to think about the context of all these serial depredations. The Downing Street Memos. Remember them? Two weeks down the line and they've already been sucked into the memory hole.

The Downing Street Memos, dear American friends, are the documents which prove Bush and Blair had determined to go to war against Iraq and fixed their public pronouncements - tailored their phony evidence - around this murderous policy. The Downing Street Memos are what should have brought every honest American into the streets as a lynch mob demanding the immediate and public hanging of George W. Bush and hundreds of other U.S. government officials.

But this also should have happened after 9/11 when Bush and Daschle agreed to limit the scope of the investigation so as not to jeopardize "national security." By now you can see by all these non-responses how many honest Americans really exist - namely, not nearly enough.

The Downing Street Memos are what proves that George W. Bush and his Gang of Ghouls (prominently featuring Judith Miller and The New York Times in the starring role of perverted propagandists) have thrown away 9,000 American lives and 128,000 Iraqi civilian lives for what were provably premeditated lies.

The Downing Street Memos verify beyond any doubt what Americans have become - irredeemable Zionist Nazi thugs, who will kill anyone for any reason, or no reason at all.

The main reason for the London bombings was to disappear the Downing Street Memo story from the world's headlines, and it worked perfectly. The satanic chorus of Fox News, CNN, et al chimed in with strategic bits of planted information to brook no doubt that Islamic terrorists were behind the London atrocities, even though the alleged perps - now conveniently dead - previously exhibited not a sniff of terrorist tendencies.

Even an old Mossad chief got in on the act, advocating for World War Three. And several Israeli officials hammered their propaganda point home with remarks like "now you know how we feel."

Yes, we do, I thought. We are being lied to constantly about what is actually happening, and you are blowing us up to prove your point. The mass media are in your pocket and ordinary people are so consumed by their own survival requirements that they can't possibly perceive the twists and turns of all the deceptions, and consequently just accept the pap they hear on their local media outlets, because they don't have the time and energy to pursue the accurate details themselves. Which is just the way they want it, they being the people who control us, conduct fraudulent elections, and bomb whomever they please in pursuit of profit.

Nobody I know in cyberspace believes the official story. What appears to have happened is that four innocent patsies were recruited to participate in a terror drill, then deceptively given live bombs that took their lives, and the lives of 50-some others. Once again, the anticipated aftermath was meticulously scripted to defame Muslims.

The ensuing spin goes one better than the trick of 9/11, in which the FBI instantaneously named 19 Arabs as the culprits, then had to suffer the indignity of having eight of the names turn up alive in various places, all claiming that they didn't do the deed. Of course, the FBI wasn't embarrassed enough to change their list of 9/11 perps, and the American public was simply too stupid to ask why not.

This time around, they figured out a way to kill them all, then planted their papers near the scene. So while their families know these men to be innocent, at least the FBI will have no surprise patsies turning up alive this time.

If this caper could be anything other than a Zionist false flag advertisement for its continuing genocide against the worldwide threat known as the Amalek (a.k.a, non-Jews who don't support Israel), I would like to know what that is.


I receive about 500 e-mails each day, and most frequent question I get is - for sure - what can we do?

For a long time now I've been fielding questions about what to do and have only had the clumsy answer, "Stand securely in your own truth and be an example to others."

But lately I've realized that the world has never been in touch with a reality that we desperately need to achieve if we are to survive.

The principal revelation of this reality is that religions control our minds with magical, fictional lies, and if we choose to believe them, we become susceptible to authoritarian propaganda that also is all lies.

You can't prove that Moses, Krishna, Buddha, or Jesus ever walked on this planet, and if you believe in the statements attributed to them, you cannot accurately perceive what is happening to you as the bars on this prison planet are securely constructed around your lives.

As long as we continue to believe that we are to bow down to and not criticize these religious stereotypes, we can't adequately challenge the same kind of authoritarianism we get from our corrupt leaders, and as a consequence, the "authorities" have carte blanche to exploit and obliterate us at their whim. And we, in our gratitude for the gifts we have been given, are constrained from challenging them with simple logic.

How many times in your life have you heard your preacher, your priest, or your rabbi declare with unctuous certainty, support your leaders, or, my country right or wrong. It all stems from the Biblical injunction, "Render unto Caesar ...."

This is not spirituality. This is mind-control. To go against this portentous command, you risk eternal damnation, the loss of your soul, and whatever other dire consequences you may, from your many formative years of conditioning in these matters, contemplate.

We need to reach a new reality we have never had, and first among the tasks in accomplishing that is doing away with magic myths that prevent us from seeing what's really going on.

Because of their ingrained preconditioning, this solution offends a majority of the world's population, who since their childhoods have been indoctrinated in one religious system or another, and consequently base their perceptions of the world and its chaotic human society on these magical stories and senseless myths that in a very real way limit their ability to react sensibly to insane pronouncements, like "they hate our freedoms" or "Saddam has weapons of mass destruction," two deliberate, stupid, and facile lies that have been believed by a majority of the American people.

These are lies we tell our children, and lies we tell ourselves.

The only legitimate excuse for religious ritual is to calm the fears of children who wonder where their loved ones have gone when their lives have expired. The unexpected consequence of this seemingly innocent practice is that these children never grow up. Instead, they transfer the feelings of both security and fear they felt toward their parents to an imaginary superbeing whom they regard as an imaginary parent for the rest of their lives.

As this is the single most important cultural ritual humans ever undergo, its power and importance was long ago recognized and by those with the psychological need to dominate others, and was cloaked by a profession of altruism that thrived on a certain power to control the lives of others with magical myths that masked the exploitation of innocents by self-labeled aristocrats. The same process continues today.

The relationship between holy men allegedly possessing secrets of the afterlife and those who cherish such fantasies because they alleviate the everpresent but suppressed fear of death is the dark side of human consciousness, and a corrupt cultural relationship that has lasted for more than five thousand years. So in a sense, the priestly process can be regarded as satisfying an obvious and universal emotional need.

But it is also a recipe for extinction, since holy warriors will always willingly kill for a goal that no one else can see, except the malicious minds of power-mad priests. And mullahs. And rabbis. It has been proven too many times that when the enemy is completely annihilated, then we begin killing each other, because we have learned no other way to live.

Our allegiance may not be to one race, creed, or color. If it is, within the rules of the free market, we will eventually claim supernatural superiority for ourselves and begin the holy task of eliminating all the infidels. Clearly written in the Talmud and the Old Testament, it is really the beginning of the task of eliminating ourselves, subliminal marching orders to our own self-destruction.

This is what will finish us. It's time to realize this very small-minded syndrome has been going on for much longer than two thousand years, and it's a stupid illusion, cultivated for profit by the very perps who besiege us now with all their fake terror alerts, false flag mass murders, and supercilious, sanctimonious soliloquies saying they are acting in the name of God.

The choices are two: get real, and let people venerate the awesome miracle of life in any way they wish, or perish, by the sword or by the pox. Time grows short.


Here's another recurring nightmare, one that you, dear reader, have experienced all too frequently in recent years. In it, an angelic being, majestically robed in sacred raiments, benevolently beams down at you and says, in the most soothing voice imaginable, "My God is better than yours ...."

John Kaminski is an Internet columnist whose essays are seen on hundreds of websites around the world. They have been collected into two anthologies, titled "America's Autopsy Report" and "The Perfect Enemy." These are for sale on his website, http://www.johnkaminski.com/ Also for sale is "The Day America Died: Why You Shouldn't Believe the Official Story of What Happened on September 11, 2001," written for those who still believe the government's false story of that tragic day.

Comment: Kaminski writes:

For a long time now I've been fielding questions about what to do and have only had the clumsy answer, "Stand securely in your own truth and be an example to others."

But lately I've realized that the world has never been in touch with a reality that we desperately need to achieve if we are to survive.

He then goes on to describe the mind-numbing effects of the world's major religions. For a deeper look into this phenomenon, don't miss Laura Knight-Jadczyk's book The Secret History of the World - And How to Get Out Alive.

We are often asked the question, "I see what's going on, but what can I DO about it??" as well. The simple "clumsy" answer is much as Kaminski has written: Stand in truth and be an example to others. Always be willing to revise your understanding when new data becomes available.

This response isn't as clumsy as it may seem.

We certainly cannot go around trying to preach the truth to those who do not wish to see reality as it IS. That would be no different than a religious door-to-door salesman peddling salvation if only we will convert to his religion and embrace his beliefs. Well, heck - we don't want to convert anyone to anything. If we attempt to force the truth upon another, we are no better than those now most infamous door-to-door salesmen, the Neocons and Zionists.

No, the solution is much simpler: Stand in truth and be an example to others. Amidst a world of lies that fly far and fast through television and the internet, coupled with COINTELPRO operations that seek to defame and discredit anyone who refuses to toe the party line, it can be VERY difficult to refrain from trying to preach and convert. We can tell ourselves, "But I have the facts. I have proof. THEY have nothing but lies!" While this statement may be true, it is no excuse to violate the free will of another who chooses to live in illusion and accept the lies without question.

Indeed, our combined efforts may not seem to be doing much. But think for a moment about the effects of the work of Kaminski himself. His essays are read by countless people around the world. If people are writing him and asking what they can do, his work has obviously not been in vain. As another example, take our Pentagon Strike flash presentation. As of about six months ago, over 300,000,000 people had watched the presentation. In creating the flash, we never in a million years expected it to spread so quickly or so far. Sure, we receive some hate mail for it, but we also receive a lot of letters of support and people asking what they can do. The Pentagon Strike was not intended to provide proof of any theory. Rather, it was intended to show just enough evidence that the official story is a lie that maybe - just maybe - people might start asking their own questions and doing their own research. Sometimes simply planting a seed is all we can do. Whether or not the seed is watered and placed in the sun to grow and blossom is up each individual.

So, yes - stand in the truth and be an example to others. Shine the light of truth into the deep black night. Flap your little butterfly wings as fast and as hard as you can, and don't expect to change anything. We are programmed by those who deceive us daily that one person or even a small group cannot have an effect on the future - only our black-hearted leaders have the power to do that. If everything else they have told us is a lie, why should we believe them when they tell us we are powerless? Sometimes the most momentous and extraordinary nonlinear changes come from what seems like the most miniscule of actions.

Tuesday, July 5

Real Patriotism on the Fourth of July!

As I sat pondering yesterday all the phony 'celebration' people were doing on the 4th. it occurred to me that it was mostly an excuse to have a party with lots of hamburgers, hot dogs and beer. How does any of that really 'honor' all of the people who came before us who sacrificed much, and very often 'all' in the pursuit of Freedom for all of us? It looks as if most people never really think about this in any substantial way.

My thoughts were substantially brightened when I came across this song written and produced by the folks over at Signs of the Times.

This song is REALLY GOOD and is so very appropriate, not only for the Fourth of July - but for every day these people are in power.

It can be downloaded (in MP3 format) here .
The Streaming Audio version is here.

Following is the reason the Signs Team produced this song:

You lied

Happy Birthday, America
SOTT Protest Music Department

The other day Bob Geldolf announced that artists participating in the Live8 concerts should stay away from criticizing President Bush.


In a moment of fantasy, we wondered what kind of song we'd want to sing in those circumstances, the gauntlet having been thrown down as it were. They're a few things we'd like to say to Mr. Bush and his colleagues in Washington, not that he'd listen to us -- the Washington Post article about our Pentagon Strike flash didn't change anything and we're certain it caught the eye of the White House -- and to Mr. Geldolf who seems to be living in a lala land where mass demonstrations have an effect on the Bush administration. Didn't the millions of people in the streets prior to the illegal invasion of Iraq demonstrate clearly enough that Bush gets his orders elsewhere?

Well, the news today shows there ain't no hope for Geldolf's wishful thinking as Bush has declared he's going to put the US first, but we have never been enamoured with wishful thinking, preferring to look the world in the face and see it as objectively as possible.

Hence, this song:

You lied words & music by Signs of the Times

You told the world Saddam had chemical bombs
To kill us in our homes, and on our farms
You said he sent his men into the heavens
big planes crashing down, September 11

You lied, You lied,
People died, When Bush lied

I've got some questions, wipe that smirk off your face
Betraying your people, that's a real disgrace
See I'm having a hard time finding that plane
that you said hit the Pentagon, bursting into flames
Vapourising the aircraft, didn't leave no remains
But the bodies appear not to burn quite the same

More lies Yeah, yeah, more lies
America died, When Bush lied

And talk about mir'cles, did you see how they fell,
the three towers in New York, those charges worked well
Flattened out in a straight line, just like it was planned
Did you think we were so stupid that we wouldn't understand
And it's a pity about the folks there on Flight 93,
Just as they took back control, you blew them to smithereens

You lied, You lied
Heroes died, when Bush lied

You say Osama is living in a place you have traced
But you don't go and get him, it seems such a waste
Could it be it's because he's still one of your men
A C-I-A asset just like he was then
He endorsed your campaign in a last minute pitch
Is he just one more man who has gotten quite rich

From your lies, Your lies
Freedom died, from your lies

How about those Israelis dancing to their success,
On the rooftops of Jersey, they created a mess
So you sent them back home with a slap on the wrist
Told the cops not to bother, 'cause they don't exist

It's a lie, You lied
Justice died, when you lied

Now people are dying through your crimes in Iraq
You've killed more than Saddam, though you don't care to keep track
Cause they're only some Arabs in a faraway land
That Yahweh has promised to his chosen band
While Sharon and his cronies pull on your strings
When he opens his mouth your whole government sings

His lies, His lies
Palestinians die, With Bush lies

Next time you talk to your God, I've got a question for him
What side is he on or does it change on a whim'
There's a whole lot of people, suff'rin here in his name
What kind of pyscho is he that he's playing this game
It sounds more like the devil is guiding your hand
Destruction and death are the plagues of the land

of your lies, your lies
Children die, When Bush lies

You see, Mr President, there's something amiss
Two elections you lost, but you overcame this
By rigging the vote, not counting the blacks
You've ensured two full terms, the dry drunk is back
And now they're changing the laws to get you a third
The brown shirts are charging at the front of the herd

of your lies, your lies
Democracy dies, When Bush lies

The question remains what can we do about this
Most people refuse to consider this list
They're lost in illusion, can't recognise proof
so we offer this song to all who stand for the truth

No more lies, No more lies
Must we all die, Because of your lies

No more lies, No more lies
Must we all die, Because of your lies

Your lies...

copyright 2005 Signs of the Times

Not having the forum of a world-wide TV broadcast, we turned to what we do have, the Internet. With the help of our friends at Away With the Fairys, we offer you this song as our little gift to America on this Fourth of July. Fortunately, we don't think the song will change anything except maybe get a few people tapping their feet.