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Wednesday, July 27


Went to the beach with a friend today. Although a competent enough swimmer, she had not been in the ocean in many years. There was a fair amount of wave-action, and although not all that big, they all have quite a bit of power when they break at the shoreline.

Well, of course, she got hit from behind a few times by waves she did not see coming and got tumbled up onto the beach! The main reason she didn't see the waves coming was that she was not watching for them.

This brings up the subject of 'seeing' in general.

What is really referred to when somone is described as a 'seer'?

The most common perception of what this is would be someone who has the capability of having knowledge of events in the future or past, or at some far distant location. This, of course, would be a pretty useful faculty, and perhaps there even are some who can do this. Another interpretation might be that of someone who can 'see' things that are normally considered 'invisible' in our extant world. These would be things like spirits, entities and even entire 'realities' which are not normally apparent to most of us.

Actually, a Seer is one who can see 'what is'!

This may sound really simplistic, but it is probably the most accurate description which could be given.

It may appear simplistic because most people 'believe' they can do this already

In very rare cases this may be true, but for the most part it is simply a fantasy - part of the illusory world in which most humans live. The sad fact is that one can NOT see much of anything clearly if they are living in a world where much of what they think is 'true' is really not.

There are loads of 'basic assumptions' and 'premises' which most people have which are not only not 'true', but are even in many cases specifically designed to lead one away from what is. It appears to me that the mind of we humans works along the same principles as a computer, at least to the extent that the GIGO (Garbage in = Garbage Out) Principle applies to both! Until and unless one is willing and able to root out these basic assumptions which have been installed in our minds, nothing much will be able to be made from the events and circumstances we find ourselves amongst. The effect of all these things upon us is to twist and distort all the inputs we receive from reality and thereby nullify and preclude any rational, unbiased and objective analyses of what is really happening. One way of referring to all these illusory beliefs is that of Sacred Cows. This really means we hold them so dearly that they can not ever be 'examined' to see if they are actually correct or not.

One example of this sort of thing is readily apparent to anyone who looks at the subject in any depth. This glaring example is that of Egyptian Archaeology.

The basis, or starting point, for all the archaeological work done there has mainly been the 'Bible'. Those who believe it is all 'true' (mostly because it says so, and because it maintains it is the "Word of God, Himself") decided that they just had to fit the artifacts to the 'narrative'. It has, of course, turned into a real fiasco because of this and much of what the mainstream of Egyptian Archaeology has to say about Ancient Egypt is simply not so.

A specific example: the age of the Sphinx when examined in great detail by geological specialists has been shown to be at least 10,00 years old and probably even older by several thousand years, but the Egyptologists maintain it is much younger... this despite unequivocal evidence to the contrary! (and of course there are loads and loads more of these same kinds of foolishness)

Ah, 'beliefs' die hard, don't they?

These beliefs are what maintain most people's 'world view', and most likely have been promulgated and disseminated for the VERY PURPOSE of creating and maintaining this 'world view' amongst the populace.

Why would 'they' do this?

Well, for one thing, if the Truth were to be known, the populace would be much less controllable, and 'they' just can not have THAT!

Unfortunately, it seems one must learn to 'see' for themselves before many things which are in 'plain sight' are actually 'observable'.

How does one go about doing that? Well there are books available online from the well-known Esoteric Authors such as Gurdjieff and Mouravieff, and a quick search will locate them easily. Most of their works are available in public libraries, and many of their books are even available as free downloads from the internet. They can be of great assistance in overcoming many of the difficulties most of us have in this respect because of our 'inherent nature'.

One of the very best places one can go to in this quest for learning to see for themselves is the Cassiopaea website, where a really huge amount of material is available for free to anyone who is seeking this type of information.

I will warn you in advance, though, that this venture will most likely be the most difficult thing you have ever undertaken in your life! But, it could also be the most rewarding thing you can ever do!

Perhaps one day you too will truly be able to say "I am a seer".


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