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Sunday, March 27

Really BIG Waves

Everyone knows quite a bit about Tsunamis after the recent event in Mayaysia.
Tsunamis ARE frightening! That is for sure.

What exactly would any of us do if we saw something like that coming at us? Lots of supposedly well informed people are now saying such a thing could be more likely for many people in different locations than was even mentioned before! Maybe they are even right.

There may be a different type of 'wave' approaching us too.

This one would not simply be a 'physical' wave as we are most used to, but a 'meta-physical' type of wave. There are many references to what is called the 'end of the world', or the 'end of time', or maybe even 'the end of the world as we know it'. This may be the event or 'cause' of these prophetic pronouncements.

Just as a really huge physical wave like a tsunami has the capacity to 'move' large amounts of things, including people, from one spot to another, and quite often not 'gently', such a metaphysical wave could be expected to have some type of similar capacity to 'move' people and things - also for many... not 'gently', at least not without lots of confusion and upset to the 'psyche'.

And, since this wave would be not only of or strictly in the 'physical' realm, it could be presumed that it would have the capabiltiy to 'move' the entire 'reality' we experience, including our consciousness from one 'place' to another!

At least, this is what I see.

For those who might want to understand what this could possibly mean for the great majority of mankind, there is a great series about this very subject written by Laura Knight Jadczyk which is very appropriately entitled "The Wave".

In the introduction to the series Laura has this to say:
"The Wave is a term used to describe a Macro-cosmic Quantum Wave Collapse producing both a physical and a "metaphysical" change to the Earth's cosmic environment theorized to be statistically probable sometime in the early 21st century. This event is variously described by other sources as the planetary shift to 4th density, shift of the ages, harvest etc., and is most often placed around the end of 2012."

"Laura presents what the Cassiopaeans - We are YOU in the future - have to say about the eventuality of The Wave - FROM the future - including an exploration of the limitations of man's present estate, in cognitive, biological, historical and ontological terms."

It seems very possible that this Wave has the potential to 'move' people to a higher state of awareness, to change their 'assumptions' about what 'reality' they experience and to allow those who are ready for this change of perception by having done the work of 'learning the lessons' of this third-dimensional 'lesson plan' experience to move on to the next 'class', which for them will become a fourth-dimensional (or density as is described in the series) reality.

This might all seem like a really strange and unrealistic idea to many who have been brought up to 'believe in' the traditional view of how everything is supposed to work, but it appears much more logical to me and to many others that what we have all been told is mis-information and quite often dis-information about how 'reality' really operates.

One thing seems to be that a surfboard is not going to be very helpful to one who might want to 'ride' this Wave.

It appears from reading this series that one would have to have already changed their 'assumptions' before they can inter-act with this approaching "Macro-cosmic Quantum Wave Collapse" in a way that is productive in moving one to that 'next level'.

This might mean re-evaluating what it is that we consider 'true'.

How many of us are willing and capable enough of doing that?


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