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Tuesday, March 8

The Anti-Smoking Craziness

I should start off by saying I have been a smoker for quite a few years!

Things have sure changed since I began. Back in those days smoking was fairly common and was probably more socially-acceptable than drinking. Hardly anyone complained about second-hand smoke except perhaps those who were unusually sensitive to it or were ill.

I have observed that there is something very strange about the entire issue of smoking tobacco. It is a substance which has been used for hundreds of years by the so-called 'civilized' nations, and perhaps for thousands of years by other societies. Why now the big 'hubub'?

We are being told by those in 'authority' that smoking causes rafts of diseases that are a "terrible plague on mankind". It is as if all the other harmful chemicals and pollutants in our environment simply have no effects at all on 'disease'. I see this as rather selective and disingenuous.

Granted, what passes for 'tobacco' these days in cigarettes which are commercially produced is an amalgam of additives, much of which are known to be harmful in the extreme. It appears to me that if the medical missionaries who tell us they care so much about our health were truly that concerned about smokers they would work to get these additives out of the cigarettes! I have been smoking additive-free cigarettes for some time and find little or no adverse affect from them. Perhaps it is that 'tobacco' smoking is really not that much of a harmful thing to do if one is smoking natural tobacco, with nothing else added?

As with most things people do for pleasure or relaxation, there seems to be some benefit derived from smoking. The type of benefit probably varies from person to person, depending on what is their motivation for smoking in the first place and on their individual bio-chemistry and function. For many, I do think it is more than just 'habit'.

Many people would probably respond to this with the question "What could possibly be of any benefit in such a 'disgusting habit'?"

My response would be "Thanks for asking!"

It has come to the attention of many that adding Fluoride to our water-supply, and even putting it in our toothpaste, is a very definite detriment to our health and well being. Fluoride is well known to be poisonous to the human system, and even in relatively small amounts is known to have significant effects, such as reducing the amount of resistance to 'authority' - which was first very successfully field-tested by introducing it into the water source for Nazi prisoners-of-war! This introduction of Fluoride is undoubtedly meant to assist in dumbing down the population and stifling 'resistance' to whatever agendas our 'leaders' wish to engage in.

Tobacco has been used by Shamans and Holy Men for Centuries to augment their psychic abilities so as to be able to 'see' things which are helpful to the people they have devoted themselves to serve in this 'special' way. Tobacco use, especially 'heavy' use, seems to enhance 'Psychic Abilities'!

In the same way as Fluoride has been introduced into the water supply to 'dumb-down' the populace, it may be that tobacco use is being vilified so as to prevent any enhancement of people's psychic awareness via this substance.

There are other benefits from smoking too, and I found a great article written by the Signs of the Times folks which goes into much more detail than I have here.

This article discusses at length the effects tobacco has on acetecholin receptors in the brain and nervous system, treatment and prevention of Alzheimer's disease, and many other interesting details delineating why smoking may not really be that harmful an activity and may have some hidden, but potent, benefits.

I merely Observe, I do not judge.


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