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Sunday, March 13

The End-Times and the Beast

This is undoubtedly a difficult subject to tackle as there are so many 'beliefs' as to who or what this 'Beast' which has been prophesied in the Book of Revelation might be and so many different interpretations as to what is meant by what is actually said.

Maybe I should start by quoting what Laura Knight Jadczyk has to say about this subject in her mini-series "The Beast and His Empire". Laura mentions that preceeding the Book of Revelation, the Prophet Daniel states "The waters that you observed are races and multitudes...". She also has to say: " Examining all other references to beasts in the Bible, it is immediately apparent that, other than references to actual animals, this designation belongs to
world empires.

Daniel's prophecies foreshadowed Revelation, and Daniel was told by an angel that a beast symbolized an empire. There is some interchangeability between "king" and "empire," just as there is interchangeability between "city" and "nation". This is also traditional since any king is considered diplomatically to be his country. I think that we can safely assume that John is not referring to a fantastic animal, so the only other supported interpretation we can give to this beast is that it is an empire. "

It appears, then, we should come the the conclusion based on the above that what we are discussing in terms of the 'Beast' is not a person but refers rather to either a country, or perhaps even more appropriate in this day and age, a 'culture' which is well on it's way to building such an empire.

Now, just who and where have I seen somebody in the process of building an empire lately?

Um... some people are 'suggesting' the United States and some of it's allies are doing just that, but of course, that might be a 'silly idea' such as those totally incorrigible 'conspiracy theorists' might be cooking up without the slightest bit of real evidence, and in the face of all the 'conventional wisdom' that we freedom-loving' and 'patriotic Americans' understand so well to be inviolably true and certain about our system of government and the impeccable moral qualities of our leaders.

Of course, it has to be said that it is the 'American view' that we are merely fighting a War Against 'Terror', Spreading Democracy to the poor-unfortunates who do not suffer, um, harumph, I mean 'enjoy' the many benefits of our 'system of democracy and human-rights', and maintain 'order' in the entire world because WE are the sole remaining Superpower (so they say) and we can do this or anything else we want to because we have the might, er, I meant to say, the 'right'.

Those darn Europeans, especially the ungrateful French and Germans, have the unmitigated gall to point out that much of what the US is doing and has done lately is a violation of International Treaties which we are signatories to, and many are also violations of United Nations resolutions and mandates. Who cares what all these foreigners think anyway! We are going to spread democracy and create conditions for our multi-national corporations to maintain and increase profits by whatever means we feel necessary and we do not care in the slightest how anybody else feels about it!

The only reason they are all whining about such a 'stupid idea' as that we are building an 'empire' is that they have not been able to do it themselves!

Why do some people keep insisting that there is something related to the 'Beast' in all this anyway?

Oh yea, something about some country building an empire.

Well, maybe those who are building this empire and bringing about Armageddon are simply fulfilling the Biblical prophesies and as the reward for all their efforts, they are going to be the ones who are lifted right out of this reality in a mass Rapture, while all the rest of us are going to be left behind to confront the 'Tribulations'.

Then again, maybe NOT!

Some people might say this view is rather 'unpleasant'.

I think it is more important as to whether it is true!

It seems that the better we are able of Observe the reality we occupy as it Truly IS, the more 'order' is created within it, and the less 'chaotic' it becomes!

Something to think about!


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