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Thursday, April 28

New website for Laura Knight Jadczyk

I was searching the internet recently to see if one of my favorite authors had any new articles posted anywhere and to my surprise I find that she has a new website apparently just installed which deals with genealogy. It can be found at Laura-Knight-Jadczyk.com.

Laura begins her introduction like so:

"Welcome to my personal website! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Laura Knight Jadczyk, and I am married to Theoretical Physicist Arkadiusz Jadczyk. I am an amateur historian and writer, the author of eight books which can be found at QFG Publishing. I am also the author of numerous articles in print and on the internet. I founded and still occasionally edit, the popular International News and Commentary Signs of the Times.

Readers who are familiar with my Cassiopaea website will find this one to be quite different; it is entirely personal. Here I am going to revive my genealogy pages that used to be on the web five or so years ago. The database has grown since then, and I am always happy to hear from "family."

It is amazing to me that some people have a record of antecedents which goes back so far!


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