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Tuesday, December 20

Bush's War on the American People

It is indeed a sad day for all in the US when the 'president' gets up and admits he repeatedly authorized spying on American citizens.

Of course, like a true psychopath, of which there have been and continue to be many in public offices, he 'claims' that this is all very legal because as a "war president" he is authorized to do whatever he wants whenever he wants.

However the laws are very explicit in the area regarding government spying and nowhere is there any caviat about this being 'OK' just because we may be at 'war'. Neither did the Congress ever intend to allow such activity when they 'authorized' the use of military force in any of their resolutions. An article by Martin Garbus in the Huffington Post makes it clear that this is most definitely an impeachable offence.

This is just really one more of a list of offences this gang has committed using the completely phony excuse of a "War on Terror" and being engaged in "war" itself! And, as Hitler mentioned, 'all you have to do is terrorize the people and they will do whatever you want them to'! The same exact principal is being used today by the cabal in power.

This is mainly because the Psychopaths have grown in strength and numbers in positions of 'authority'. These 'people without conscience' feel the need to gain these positions because they could never get what they 'want' without having such a great degree of power. And, what they want is to totally control all the rest of us... the 'normal' people of humanity - those who DO have a conscience!

If you have a hard time understanding that this could be so you ought to read the article Political Ponerology by Dr. Andrew M. Lobaczewski, Ph.D.

Once one has read this article they will probably never see these people in the same was as before!

This is what I have seen.


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