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Wednesday, October 5

A Book Review provokes Attacks by Cointelpro

To most of us a book is just a 'book', but to those who seek to control, books are seen as 'danger'!

Whenever a Fascist group seeks to contol a population the first thing they must do is remove 'intellectuals' - especially those who resist by attempting to imform others of what the truth of the matter actually is, and of course, any books which expose their lies and/or espouse true freedom from coercion and domination are on the 'burn list' as the first order of business for these folks.

So why is Jaye Belger being subjected to any attacks at all simply because of a favorable book-review of Laura-Knight Jadczyk's new piece entitled "The Secret History of the World (and How to Get Out Alive)"?

Here is what Jaye wrote:

"Laura-Knight Jadczyk's book The Secret History of the World is a work that
demands careful reading and contemplation. The effort is indeed worthwhile as
the author, through her own courageous and dedicated research spanning many
years, provides a compelling exposé of the New Age and Human Potential movement
as a vast COINTELPRO operation where agent provocateurs from the FBI, CIA, NSA
and perhaps other alphabet organizations have infiltrated everything from
holistic health, meditation and ascencionist groups, massage and acupuncture
schools in order to deliberately steer spiritual seekers and holistic health
practitioners away from the ugly truth. The truth, the author tells us quite
convincingly, involves extra-terrestrial entities that have insinuated
themselves into positions of power and are currently manipulating world events
to their own advantage but to the profound detriment of humanity in general.
Laura points out that the emergence of the human potential movement
conveniently coincides with a significant increase in UFO sightings and the
formation of bona fide groups to investigate these sightings. Such a corollary
makes her observation of the alien takeover of our world using New Age venues
as a smokescreen quite hard to dismiss in this reviewer's opinion. After all,
what better distraction from the ET's evil agenda could there be than to encourage
people to navel gaze, seek 'peak experiences' and to create their own reality?

I must confess that I've encountered many of these potential COINTELPRO
agents in the classes I've attended, taught and also in one on one sessions conducted
over the last twenty years or so. I've also crossed paths with similar spooks
in the New Age publishing world as well and knew that there was something odd
about them, but couldn't effectively articulate what it was, other than that
they left me feeling dizzy, disoriented and feeling drained of energy. If I
had read something like The Secret History of the World when I first started
doing psychic readings/healing nearly twenty years ago, I would have been more
fully prepared to protect my clients, students and myself from these assorted
con artists, vampires and multi-dimensional psychopaths marauding about.
However, I feel quite relieved and most grateful that the author has mustered
sufficient tenacity and scholarly savvy to expose these dark forces hiding
under the veneer of calculated bliss/contentment and what I call New Age
Correctness, a form of Political Correctness but with even more insidious
implications at hand (NAC is even more intolerant/fascistic than PC in case you
haven't noticed considering that any criticism at all directed towards the New
Age is strictly forbidden). Fortunately, Knight-Jadczyk transcends such
pathetic interference and provides us with the much needed tools to enhance our
perceptions so that we can know first hand, whether or not we are being
manipulated by COINTELPRO agents and make informed decisions when seeking out
alternative therapies or spiritual groups to affiliate with.

The author's command of factual knowledge and remarkable ability to
synthesize information makes The Secret History of the World most exhilarating all
throughout its eight hundred plus pages. If you are looking for a deep and
thorough inquiry into such things as the Grail legends, Gothic Cathedrals,proof
of Dinosaur/Human interactions, the skinny on Saint-Germaine, Organic Portals
who can mimic our subtle bodies (chakras) and keep us trapped on the plane self
satisfied illusion, the Ark of the Covenant, Atlantis, Neanderthals and the
mercurially allusive alchemist Fulcanelli, I suggest that you thoroughly peruse
this timely and hyper-dimensionally relevant book. Doing so will significantly
heighten your perceptions, strengthen your aura and enable you to instantly
spot the myriads of New Age moles lurking about in the spiritual marketplace,
using a love and light spin to hide themselves behind."

Gee, I mean, he is only giving his opinion of the material and it's 'worth' to any prospective readers. Of course, he is an 'Influential' reviewer, and HIS words carry some weight!

Could it be that the 'Powers that Be' do not want people to know these things?

This is how I see it!